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In the dynamic realm of Ethereum layer two (L2) solutions, a recent addition named Blast has sparked significant discourse within the cryptocurrency community. The driving force behind Blast is Pacman, a well-known figure for his contributions to the non-fungible token (NFT) marketplace known as Blur. While Blast has attracted substantial funding and attention, it has also come under scrutiny. Notably, Paradigm, a prominent investor in the project, has raised concerns about the strategy and execution of Blast’s launch, leading to a spirited exchange of perspectives between Paradigm’s head of research, Dan Robinson, and Pacman, the architect behind the platform.

Paradigm’s Perspective on Blast’s Launch

Dan Robinson, representing Paradigm, a pivotal investor in the Ethereum L2 platform Blast, recently voiced his thoughts on the project’s launch through the social media platform X. Robinson pinpointed specific issues related to the launch, particularly highlighting the decision to introduce the bridge ahead of the L2 and the imposition of a three-month withdrawal restriction.

Robinson articulated his viewpoint, stating, “We at Paradigm believe that the announcement this week has crossed boundaries in terms of both messaging and execution. For instance, we disagree with the decision to launch the bridge before the L2 and the restriction on withdrawals for three months, as we believe this sets an unfavorable precedent for other projects. Furthermore, we feel that much of the marketing efforts undermine the substantial work carried out by a dedicated team.”

Despite these reservations, Robinson acknowledged the team’s impressive track record, which includes their prior endeavors like Namebase and Blur. He affirmed, “We supported Pacman and his cofounder due to their consistent ability to develop exceptional products over many years.” Robinson also shed light on their collaborative efforts with the team on the NFT-collateralized lending protocol, Blend, highlighting their technical prowess and their vision for scaling Blur through the L2 chain.

Robinson underscored Paradigm’s commitment to its role in investing within the cryptocurrency ecosystem, emphasizing their responsibility. He mentioned ongoing dialogues with the Blast team and their unwavering commitment to supporting strong, independent founders. “We invest in formidable, independent founders with whom we may not always see eye to eye. However, we recognize that people may look to us for guidance on best practices in the crypto sphere. We do not endorse such tactics and take our role in the ecosystem seriously,” Robinson declared.

Pacman’s Rebuttal

In response to allegations that Blast might be a Ponzi scheme, Pacman, the driving force behind the platform, provided an elucidation of the yield mechanisms. He clarified that the yields emanate from reputable sources such as Lido and Makerdao, stating, “The yields offered by Blast may seem too good to be true, hence the skepticism. But to put it plainly, the yield Blast provides initially originates from Lido and Makerdao.”

Pacman also dismissed claims of Paradigm’s involvement in Blast’s go-to-market (GTM) strategy, emphasizing the autonomy of their approach. “Paradigm had zero involvement in Blast’s GTM. Frankly, if they had been involved, they likely would have recommended substantial alterations to Blast’s launch,” he explained. He highlighted Paradigm’s proficiency in technical design and their contributions to the development of Ethereum.

Addressing criticisms regarding Blast’s invite rewards system, Pacman defended the approach as vital for fostering a robust community. He argued that such mechanisms are not novel and play a pivotal role in the platform’s growth. “Users who actively contribute to making Blast a thriving L2 by inviting friends are providing tangible value and should be duly rewarded. This is the rationale behind the existence of invite rewards,” Pacman concluded.

In light of these perspectives, the cryptocurrency community finds itself engaged in a lively discussion regarding Blast’s launch strategy and the differing opinions of Paradigm and Pacman. As this conversation unfolds, stakeholders and observers are encouraged to share their thoughts and insights on this subject in the comments section below.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Cryptocurrency Launch Debate

Q: What are the key concerns raised by Paradigm regarding Blast’s launch strategy?

A: Paradigm has expressed concerns about Blast’s decision to launch the bridge before the L2, the imposition of a three-month withdrawal restriction, and certain aspects of the marketing strategy. They believe these decisions could set a negative precedent for other projects and undermine the credibility of the team’s work.

Q: How does Dan Robinson from Paradigm view Blast’s team?

A: Dan Robinson acknowledges the track record of Blast’s team, citing their successful previous projects like Namebase and Blur. He emphasizes their technical expertise and their vision for scaling Blur through the L2 chain.

Q: What is Pacman’s response to allegations that Blast might be a Ponzi scheme?

A: Pacman clarifies that Blast’s yields come from reputable sources like Lido and Makerdao, refuting claims of it being a Ponzi scheme. He explains that the yields may seem too good to be true but are based on legitimate sources.

Q: What is Pacman’s stance on Paradigm’s involvement in Blast’s go-to-market strategy?

A: Pacman asserts that Paradigm had no involvement in Blast’s go-to-market strategy. He suggests that if Paradigm had been involved, they might have recommended significant changes to the launch approach.

Q: Why does Pacman defend Blast’s invite rewards system?

A: Pacman argues that invite rewards are essential for building a robust community around Blast. He believes that users who contribute to the platform’s growth by inviting friends should be rewarded for their efforts.

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BlockchainFanatic November 28, 2023 - 7:28 pm

invite rewards, yeah, that’s common in crypto, incentivizing users to bring friends onboard is just smart growth strategy.

TechGeek4Life November 28, 2023 - 8:27 pm

pacman’s explanation bout blast’s yields is good, but still gotta do your own research, crypto can be tricky!

InvestorPro101 November 28, 2023 - 8:56 pm

dan robinson’s cautious approach is admirable, but let’s not forget the team’s track record, that’s a factor to consider for sure.

CryptoEnthusiast23 November 29, 2023 - 2:23 am

paradigms views make sense, they got valid points bout blast’s launch, but pacman’s got some legit arguments too, this is some serious crypto drama!


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