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The development team at Rollkit is pushing blockchain technology further by leveraging Bitcoin for sovereign rollups, and this has sparked controversy within the Ethereum community. With this recent announcement, it is now possible to run the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) on Bitcoin as a sovereign rollup, making it even more possible for developers to make use of the underlying value of blockchain with greater ease. This advancement in technology has drawn criticism from those in the Ethereum camp, as many believe that the use of Bitcoin should not be referred to as a ‘rollup’. To fully understand the implications of this move, it is essential to explore both sides of the debate between Bitcoin and Ethereum.


The Future of Blockchain

On March 5, 2023, developers announced a new development that uses Taproot transactions to read and write data on Bitcoin. This development sparked major controversy between Ethereum proponents and Rollkit developers. Rollkit is a modular framework for rollups that provides different components for data availability layers. This allows developers to create a variety of different types of rollups with the same basic structure.

Rollkit is a modular framework for rollups that provides interfaces for plugging in different components, like data availability layers. The newest addition is an early research implementation of a module that allows a Rollkit rollup to use Bitcoin for data availability. At its core, all that was needed was two functions: one to submit rollup blocks and another to retrieve them.

Rollkit development team

The team at Rollkit recently added a new module which allows the rollup to use Bitcoin for data availability. This revolutionary idea has been met with both enthusiasm and criticism from Ethereum proponents. The team implemented “SubmitBlock” and “RetrieveBlocks” functions for Rollkit to interact with Bitcoin, allowing it to leverage the blockchain for its own operations.

The Ordinal inscription trend on Bitcoin inspired Rollkit developers to use it for their project. This trend enabled the team to take advantage of Bitcoin’s secure nature and its familiarity in the blockchain industry. The impact of this development is far reaching as it could potentially be used by other blockchain projects looking to integrate Bitcoin into their own platforms.

Furthermore, Rollkit’s modular framework could provide an incentive for developers to participate in the development process, as they can customize their own modules according to their needs and preferences. For example, developers could add their own modules to the existing structure in order to create new types of applications or services. This would give developers more freedom when developing projects, thus expanding the possibilities available in the blockchain industry.

In conclusion, the integration of Bitcoin into Rollkit’s modular framework could have a massive impact on the blockchain industry, especially if other projects decide to follow suit. It also sparks controversy within the Ethereum community due to its potential effects on scalability and decentralization protocols. Despite this, its potential implications are far reaching as many projects can now leverage Bitcoin for their own platforms.

Bitcoin Rollups Spark Debate

The developers behind Rollkit have released their modular framework that enables the execution of rollups on the Bitcoin blockchain which has sparked criticism from Ethereum proponents. Notably, Ethereum proponent Ryan Berckmans who is also a member of the Ethereum core development team has criticized Rollkit developers for describing the process as a rollup. Berckmans argued that the process was not a real rollup but rather similar to a drivechain, claiming that Rollkit’s technology “is not actually a rollup”.

In addition, Interlay founder Alexei Zamyatin also criticized Rollkit’s announcement as not being a real rollup. According to Zamyatin, Rollkit’s announcement does not mention any security mechanism or process that would make it different from a drivechain. He instead suggested that the Rollkit protocol should focus more on providing improved security of smart contract execution and increased scalability.

In response to the criticisms, Rollkit developers have released a demo video and detailed blog post explaining their project. They clarified that they are not offering anything close to an Ethereum-like smart contracts platform but instead focusing on providing an efficient way to execute rollups on Bitcoin. In particular, they emphasized that their sovereign rollups helps reduce the overhead and cost of deploying a layer 1 blockchain while still enabling transactions off-chain in a secure manner.

However, the potential to create a better block space fee market on Bitcoin is up for debate. Some observers suggest that this could open up opportunities for further development as well as create more competitive fee structures. Others point out that this could lead to network congestion issues caused by too many Bitcoin transactions. In any case, only time will tell how this new development will affect the blockchain industry in the long run.

The utilization of Bitcoin-based rollups by Rollkit is a testament to the resilience of blockchain technology and its growing prominence in the modern world. While some Ethereum proponents have voiced criticism of Rollkit’s decision, the innovations that this technology can provide have the potential to revolutionize the way individuals and organizations interact with digital assets. As the platform continues to expand and evolve, it will be interesting to observe how it will impact the blockchain industry as a whole.


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