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A notable change in the bitcoin mining landscape emerged in 2023, with Antpool’s ascension highlighting a trend in the concentration of bitcoin mining rewards. This development positions Antpool above Foundry USA in terms of blocks mined. Analysis by The Miner Mag indicates that this consolidation among top pools, including Antpool, points to a more centralized control of coinbase block rewards, suggesting intricate financial strategies and evolving relationships among key mining pools.

Report Highlights Rising Consolidation in Bitcoin Mining Pool Rewards

The Miner Mag’s investigation reveals that since early 2022, approximately ten of the top fifteen mining pools have been combining their coinbase block rewards. This includes renowned entities such as Binance Pool,, and Braiins Pool.

Originally independent, these pools have begun funneling their block rewards to common addresses, signifying a move towards collaborative and strategic operations.

The Miner Mag’s recent report identifies Antpool as a primary driver in this trend. In March 2022, it became the first pool to direct rewards to specific addresses. Gradually, other major pools started aligning their reward distributions with Antpool’s, leading to a significant concentration of mining rewards. This highlights Antpool’s pivotal role in steering the industry’s consolidation path.

The trend of directing resources to singular addresses implies financial agreements designed to ensure stable daily payouts. This aspect is crucial as these pools adopt a Full Pay-per-Share (FPPS) model, which requires consistent payments to their miner clientele.

Under this model, pools are more vulnerable to fluctuations in mining success, thus highlighting the importance of strong financial support systems, as elaborated in The Miner Mag’s study.

This consolidation raises questions about the independence and mutual reliance of bitcoin mining operations. The Miner Mag suggests the existence of a dominant financial entity, possibly linked to Antpool or associated Bitmain entities, overseeing these consolidated addresses.

The control exerted by this entity over coinbase and hopping addresses indicates a notable influence on the allocation and management of mining rewards.

While details about the supposed financial counterpart remain speculative, The Miner Mag points to Antpool’s initial transaction patterns as a clue to its potential involvement. As mining pools coalesce their rewards and possibly their hash rate towards Antpool, the internal dynamics of the mining community are undergoing a transformation.

As of December, Antpool has been leading by mining 26.6% of the blocks, with Binance Pool and others in the coalition contributing substantially to the total shares. Although Antpool was the top earner in November, Foundry USA has recently overtaken it, commanding 28.78% of the total hash rate.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Bitcoin mining consolidation

What is the main focus of The Miner Mag’s recent report on Bitcoin mining?

The report primarily focuses on the consolidation of bitcoin mining rewards, highlighting Antpool’s rise in 2023 and its influence over other major mining pools like Binance Pool,, and Braiins Pool. This trend suggests a centralization of coinbase block rewards and indicates strategic financial arrangements within the mining ecosystem.

How has Antpool influenced the bitcoin mining landscape in 2023?

Antpool has significantly influenced the bitcoin mining landscape by leading the trend of consolidating bitcoin mining rewards. In 2023, it surpassed Foundry USA in the number of blocks mined and directed its rewards to specific output addresses, prompting other major pools to follow suit and centralize their rewards.

What does the consolidation of bitcoin mining rewards imply?

The consolidation of bitcoin mining rewards implies a shift towards cooperative and strategic operations among major bitcoin mining pools. This trend suggests the presence of financial agreements aimed at stabilizing daily payouts and indicates a more interconnected and potentially less autonomous mining ecosystem.

How does the Full Pay-per-Share (FPPS) model relate to the consolidation trend?

The Full Pay-per-Share (FPPS) model, adopted by the involved mining pools, requires consistent payouts to miner customers. The consolidation of resources to single output addresses under this model suggests efforts to stabilize daily payouts and reduce the vulnerability of pools to fluctuations in mining luck.

What are the implications of Antpool’s leading role in the consolidation trend?

Antpool’s leading role in the consolidation trend underscores its influential position in shaping the industry’s direction. The pooling of mining rewards and possibly hash rate towards Antpool alters the dynamics within the mining community, raising questions about the autonomy and interdependence of bitcoin mining operations.

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