Thursday, November 30, 2023

Renowned journalist and Bitcoin advocate, Max Keiser, shares his optimistic outlook on the transformative power of Bitcoin adoption in El Salvador. Keiser predicts that the country will achieve debt-free status by 2030, with Bitcoin’s price potentially soaring to one million dollars. He believes that El Salvador’s flourishing geothermal energy industry, dedicated to supporting Bitcoin mining operations, will play a crucial role in this achievement.

Max Keiser: Bitcoin to Free El Salvador from Debt

Max Keiser, an internationally recognized journalist, long-standing Bitcoin advocate, and current chairman of Volcano Energy, a sustainable mining company based in El Salvador, asserts that Bitcoin adoption and mining activities will significantly bolster the country’s economy.

Keiser emphasizes the establishment of mining operations, exemplified by Volcano Energy’s commitment to invest $1 billion in the country’s renewable energy infrastructure for mining purposes. This initiative is poised to enable El Salvador to repay its debts in full. In an interview with Diario El Salvador, Keiser expressed his conviction:

“With the aid of Bitcoin and geothermal Bitcoin mining, this country will achieve debt-free status by 2030.”

Keiser Envisions El Salvador as a Global Hub for Bitcoin Mining

Moreover, Keiser envisions El Salvador becoming a global hub for Bitcoin mining, an advancement that would generate employment opportunities, boost the country’s gross domestic product (GDP), and contribute to its overall development.

Having relocated to El Salvador in 2022 and currently serving as an advisor to President Nayib Bukele, Keiser firmly believes that Bitcoin will emerge as a prominent reserve asset. El Salvador possesses several advantages over other nations, including a favorable regulatory framework for cryptocurrencies and abundant green energy resources, factors that are expected to foster the growth of a Bitcoin-driven industry in the country.

In Keiser’s words:

“Amidst the disintegration of fiat currencies and central banking systems worldwide, countries are increasingly accumulating and mining Bitcoin. With President Nayib Bukele’s groundbreaking legislation, such as making Bitcoin legal tender, we have the potential to lead the world and, arguably, become the wealthiest nation on the planet.”

Keiser’s Predictions: A Bold Outlook for Bitcoin’s Impact

As a staunch advocate of Bitcoin as a currency, Keiser boldly predicts that all fiat currencies will eventually become obsolete in comparison to Bitcoin. He explains that the market capitalization of Volcano Energy is expected to surpass $50 billion, exceeding El Salvador’s estimated GDP of $29 billion. This growth trajectory will be fueled by Bitcoin’s price potentially reaching one million dollars, a forecast that Keiser considers a “mathematical certainty.”

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