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From the moment Satoshi Nakamoto launched the Bitcoin blockchain, over 800,000 blocks have been diligently processed by the network. An analysis of 99 unique mining pools over the last 14 years indicates that unidentified miners have found 28.37% of all blocks, with F2pool not far behind at just over 10% since 2009.

Unknown, F2pool, and Antpool Dominate in the Count of Bitcoin Blocks Mined

Foundry USA has risen to be the dominant bitcoin (BTC) mining pool in the past year, uncovering 15,767 of a total 53,703 block rewards since August 12, 2022. Although Foundry has been the leader among big mining pools recently, it only ranks ninth in all-time figures, having mined 25,946 blocks up to block height 802,854.

The leading position is held by unidentified miners from 99 different pools, as recognized by These unknown miners, encompassing Satoshi and early participants, have cumulatively discovered 227,800 blocks, which equates to 28.37% of the total. Since 2009, F2pool has led the identified pools, having mined 80,364 blocks, or approximately 10.01% of the total. has calculated all-time bitcoin mining pool percentages by blocks.

Antpool comes in close behind F2pool, ranking second among identified pools and third overall, with 75,829 blocks or 9.44% of the total. Other top ranks include’s mining pool (39,996 blocks), Braiins Pool (39,647 blocks), and Viabtc (33,194 blocks).

The now-defunct Btc Guild takes seventh place, having mined 32,935 blocks since 2011 before formally closing in June 2015. Even though inactive for over eight years, Btc Guild’s efforts are still significant. Poolin stands in eighth place in terms of all-time discoveries with 27,236 blocks, while Foundry holds ninth place with its 25,946 blocks.

After Foundry comes, which began mining in 2013 and officially ceased operations on October 24, 2016. Despite having stopped mining years ago,’s 23,083 blocks markedly exceed Bitfury in 11th place, which, despite being missing in the past year’s hashrate, has found 19,513 blocks all-time.

The data shows that 11 pools have mined under 50 blocks in total. Furthermore, around 19 pools have mined less than 100 blocks, and approximately 80 pools have garnered more than 100 BTC block rewards. As of now, nearly 19,455,124.32 BTC, or 92.64% of BTC’s total supply, has been mined. Also, Bitcoin’s mining difficulty has undergone 397 adjustments since the first change at block height 2,016.

Bitcoin’s hashrate has skyrocketed from 948 kilohash per second (KH/s) on January 5, 2009, to an immense 387.62 exahash per second (EH/s) as recorded on August 12, 2023.

Today’s BTC miners are producing an incredible 387.62 EH/s, equivalent to 387,620,000,000,000,000,000 hashes per second (H/s). Only two days after Bitcoin was introduced, the hashrate was at a mere 948,000 hashes per second or 948 KH/s. This information illustrates that the overall hashrate backing the BTC network has surged by an unbelievable 40,888,185,654,008,340% since the blockchain began.

What are your thoughts on the distribution of blocks mined by each pool over the past 14 years? Please express your opinions and insights on this topic in the comments section below.

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Who leads the all-time Bitcoin mining rankings?

Unidentified miners from 99 different pools lead the all-time Bitcoin mining rankings, having discovered a cumulative 227,800 blocks, or 28.37% of the total. F2pool is the leader among identified pools, having mined 80,364 blocks, or approximately 10.01% of the total since 2009.

What is the significance of Foundry USA in Bitcoin mining over the past year?

Over the last year, Foundry USA has emerged as the prevailing Bitcoin mining pool, uncovering 15,767 blocks from a total of 53,703 block rewards since August 12, 2022. Though it ranks ninth in all-time statistics, it has consistently led among large mining pools in recent periods.

How many blocks have been processed by the Bitcoin network since its inception?

Since the inception of the Bitcoin blockchain by Satoshi Nakamoto, the network has diligently processed in excess of 800,000 blocks.

Which pools are among the top in terms of the number of Bitcoin blocks mined?

Unknown miners, F2pool, and Antpool lead in terms of the number of Bitcoin blocks mined. Following closely are’s mining pool, Braiins Pool, Viabtc, Btc Guild, Poolin, Foundry,, and Bitfury.

What is the current Bitcoin hashrate, and how has it changed since its inception?

Currently, BTC miners are committing 387.62 exahash per second (EH/s), translating to 387,620,000,000,000,000,000 hashes per second (H/s). Since Bitcoin’s inception, when the hashrate was at 948 kilohash per second (KH/s), the total hashrate fortifying the BTC network has ballooned by an astonishing 40,888,185,654,008,340%.

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John Smith August 13, 2023 - 11:23 am

Really intrsting read! Learned a lot about Bitcoin mining and how it’s evolved over time. didnt know unidentified miners had such a big impact, keep it up!

Timothy R. August 13, 2023 - 1:30 pm

This article’s so good! f2pool doing an amazing job since 2009, proud to be part of this community. The growth in hash rate is just mindblowing.

Natalie Port August 13, 2023 - 3:48 pm

im new to this whole Bitcoin thing, but this was insightful. The figures, the pools, the growth – all so impressive! Found a couple of typos but overall, great read.

David Lee August 14, 2023 - 4:08 am

Foundry USA really steppin up their game. They’ve been around only a year, but look at those numbers! This article paints a clear picture of the mining landscape. kudos to the author!

Sara Kline August 14, 2023 - 7:27 am

what do they mean by unidentified miners? Are these people who mined in the early days and we dont know who they are or what?? kind of confused by that part. thanks for the info though.


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