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A cryptocurrency trading platform in Nigeria, known as Patricia, publicly disclosed on August 18, 2023, that it had unilaterally converted the outstanding funds of its users into a U.S.-backed stablecoin named “Patricia Token.” This unexpected move by the trading platform has attracted substantial criticism on various social media channels, with some detractors describing this conversion of customer assets as an attempt by the Patricia team to orchestrate an exit scam.

$2 Million Lost to Hackers Previously

Patricia, the Nigerian trading platform for gift cards and cryptocurrencies, recently took the decision to switch user assets to a stablecoin referred to as Patricia Token (PTK). This conversion of funds was executed without consultation with users, and it came a mere three months following a report that Patricia had suffered a loss of $2 million in a presumed hacking event.

The slogan presented by Patricia, “Welcome to stability, innovation, and a smooth financial journey,” stands in contrast to the turmoil surrounding this event.

As detailed by News in May, the trading platform was victimized by a breach, during which both Bitcoin (BTC) and Nigerian naira assets were compromised. Patricia’s immediate response was to freeze withdrawals, issuing an announcement aimed at calming users concerned about the state of their investments.

However, as a Techcabal report elucidated, withdrawals were still accessible through Patricia’s newly unveiled product, Patricia Plus, though it could not manage all withdrawal demands.

Concerns Over an Exit Scam

A statement posted on social media platform X portrayed the asset conversion as a measure facilitating users with pending balances to withdraw. Patricia also insisted that the PTK stablecoin is supported by the U.S. dollar. Nevertheless, a report from Techpoint has stated that the switch of user assets to the stablecoin has sparked suspicions that Patricia may be planning an exit scam.

Furthermore, several users on platform X have leveled accusations at Patricia, claiming an attempt to deceive users by replacing their assets with valueless tokens. A user by the name of Somto even argued that the crypto exchange itself was at fault for squandering money by sponsoring the well-known Nigerian reality TV show Big Brother Naija.

“Rather than utilizing your liquidity to enhance your brand, you opted to expend billions on sponsoring BBN, and now you appear to be on the verge of harming investors. I never had an account with you, so good luck to all those involved,” expressed the user on platform X.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Crypto Conversion Scam

What is the recent controversy surrounding Patricia, the Nigerian crypto trading platform?

Patricia, a Nigerian cryptocurrency trading platform, recently stirred controversy by unilaterally converting users’ outstanding funds into its U.S.-backed stablecoin called “Patricia Token.”

Why have some social media users criticized Patricia’s decision?

Some social media users have criticized Patricia for making the decision to convert user funds without consulting them, leading to concerns about the platform’s intentions.

What happened prior to this fund conversion?

Just over three months ago, Patricia reportedly suffered a hacking incident resulting in the loss of around $2 million in cryptocurrency assets.

How did Patricia respond to the hacking incident?

After the hacking incident, Patricia froze withdrawals and reassured users about the safety of their funds through an official statement.

What is the significance of Patricia Token (PTK)?

Patricia Token (PTK) is a stablecoin backed by the U.S. dollar, which Patricia claims to have used for the conversion of user funds.

Why do some people fear an exit scam?

The sudden conversion of user funds to a stablecoin has raised concerns that Patricia might be planning an exit scam, leading to worries about the safety of users’ investments.

What role does the social media platform X play in this controversy?

The crypto trading group associated with Patricia framed the fund conversion as a measure to facilitate user withdrawals. However, this explanation has been met with skepticism on platform X.

How have users reacted to Patricia’s actions?

Some users have accused Patricia of attempting to defraud them by replacing their assets with valueless tokens. Criticisms have also been directed at Patricia’s decision to spend funds on sponsorship rather than building their brand.

Is there an ongoing discussion about this incident?

Yes, users are sharing their thoughts and concerns about this incident on social media platforms, engaging in discussions about the safety of their investments and the future of Patricia as a trading platform.

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