Tuesday, June 6, 2023

Egon von Greyerz, he’s an expert who studies the stock market and he made his own company called Matterhorn Asset Management. He believes that in a few years the government will create so much money and debt that their system won’t be able to handle it. So you should protect yourself by owning things like gold and silver because they’ll save you when everything else falls apart.

The Danger of the Everything Collapse

Egon von Greyerz, someone who is in charge of the company Matterhorn Asset Management, wrote a piece called “The Everything Collapse” to warn people about possible financial troubles. He said that too much fiat money (or money printed) and debt kept by central banks could lead to serious economic problems. He suggests that everyone should guard their money by investing it in gold or silver.

Mr. Von Greyerz believes that major financial events like the 2008 market crash, the subprime mortgage crisis, big changes in government bond rates, and high inflation are caused by today’s central banking system. He also said that too much debt has been built up to the point where it’s nearly impossible for our global financial system to survive.

Von Greyerz says that the government already tried to stop banks from failing (such as Silicon Valley Bank and Credit Suisse). But they put in place an insurance plan that won’t protect too much of people’s money – only 0.7 percent of a total $18 trillion dollars in deposits! So, if these plans don’t work, the government will have to do something else… print more money!

Protecting Yourself From Financial Collapse with Gold and Silver

Von Greyerz says that the prices of all properties, such as houses and stocks, can drop really low -even to zero- if there is only one seller and no buyers in the market. He also points out that if too many investors attempt to sell their assets at once (e.g., run for the exit), then few would actually be able to since there will eventually be no buyers willing to pay any amount of money.

Von Greyerz suggests that gold and silver can protect you from a collapse.

If something were to go wrong, he advises repaying any debts and switching to valuable things instead, like gold or silver. In the long run, before all real money is gone, Von Greyers believes it’s better to invest in precious metals so you will be safe. In conclusion, get hold of gold and silver while they are still available!

Right now, we don’t have enough silver or gold to meet people’s demand for it. This means their prices will only go up, not down. We could even reach a point where there isn’t any silver or gold available, no matter how much money someone is willing to pay for it. Do you have thoughts about what this might mean for our economy and finances? Let us know in the comments!


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