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Libertify’s founder and CEO, Steve Rosenblum, highlights that AI-enabled investment solutions are instrumental in aiding investors in making apt changes to asset distribution. These solutions permit investors to steer through the ever-fluctuating crypto environment, thereby keeping a harmonious equilibrium between risk and probable returns.

Utilizing AI to Fine-tune an Investment Portfolio

Rosenblum informed News that AI-based instruments like Libertify’s individualized AI risk management solution position investors to surpass cognitive biases that frequently obstruct their decision-making. Nevertheless, he contended that AI’s broad acceptance will depend on potential investors gaining a better understanding. Rosenblum also stressed that the consistent fine-tuning of an investment portfolio to exploit emerging trends can potentially lead investors to boost their returns.

The CEO of Libertify enumerated the nine most frequent errors made by crypto investors, sharing his responses to questions forwarded through Telegram. News (BCN): It has been said that an investor’s mind is often clouded with cognitive biases, which may result in inertia and illogical economic choices. Many crypto investors hesitate to modify their tactics even when signs advocate they should. From your expertise, how can investors extricate themselves from a fixed investment strategy?

Steve Rosenblum (SR): True, cognitive biases can muddle judgement. Addressing this requires education. By equipping investors with data-guided insights and AI-recommended courses of action, a logical equilibrium to emotions is established. Moreover, fostering an adaptive mindset and continuous learning can enable investors to accept changes as market signals demand.

BCN: How would you describe your company’s AI-fueled “crypto seatbelt” protection, and why is it essential?

SR: Certainly. Consider our “crypto seatbelt” as an automated safeguard. Just like a car’s seatbelt, Libertify’s AI solutions protect your investments. The system meticulously computes the ideal risk exposure for each asset and user daily. It isn’t a universal solution; it’s precise customization for each distinctive portfolio. Picture a dedicated financial counselor who daily ponders the market’s nuances.

Libertify even takes an additional step by supplying investors with unequivocal advice, directing them on if it’s wise to trade part of their assets for stablecoins. This foresighted strategy considers the market’s constantly shifting terrain, delivering insights for the coming 24 hours, allowing navigation through unpredictability with assurance.

Tools like the Trailing Stop Loss and Take Profit feature are automatically fine-tuned to your portfolio according to pre-set risk parameters, ensuring that your investments are shielded even amidst market volatility.

BCN: Can you discuss Libertify’s recently launched AI Audit platform for retail investors and how it differs in risk management from professional or institutional investors?

SR: AI Audit is an innovative instrument that scrutinizes the inherent risks in a portfolio, presenting immediate risk optimization suggestions, making certain that your investments are in line with your risk tolerance. Our AI uses behavioral insights and past transactional data to deliver personalized advice, bridging the divide between individual and institutional-level risk management.

BCN: How can AI aid investors in dynamically altering asset allocation in the unpredictable crypto market?

SR: Indubitably, AI is specifically designed for such fluctuating markets. Our AI-based solutions evaluate real-time market statistics, behavioral tendencies, and individual risk profiles. This allows for prompt modifications to asset distribution, assisting investors in maneuvering through the unstable crypto environment, preserving an equilibrium between risk and prospective returns.

BCN: What’s your perspective on the “hodling” strategy in crypto versus regularly recalibrating a portfolio based on market conditions?

SR: While HODLing has been an efficacious strategy, it’s imperative to acclimate to market changes. Routine recalibration allows investors to capitalize on developing trends and minimize risk exposure. Leveraging AI-supported insights, investors can astutely decide whether to persist in holding or modify their portfolio in reaction to market variations. Flexibility is paramount for optimizing returns while controlling risk.

BCN: Can you outline the common mistakes that diminish crypto investors’ returns?

SR: Certainly, the most prevalent mistakes crypto investors frequently commit, leading to reduced returns, generally arise from cognitive biases that distort judgement. These include:

  • Herd Mentality: Following the crowd without thoughtful analysis.
  • Anchoring Bias: Clinging to a reference point, such as the initial purchase price.
  • Overconfidence: Taking excessive risks due to an inflated sense of knowledge.
  • Loss Aversion: Holding onto underperforming assets, hoping for recovery.
  • Confirmation Bias: Selectively seeking information that confirms existing beliefs.
  • Sunk Cost Fallacy: Making decisions based on past investments, leading to further losses.
  • Recency Bias: Overvaluing recent events in decision-making.
  • Gambler’s Fallacy: Erroneously expecting past outcomes to influence future events.
  • Endowment Effect: Overvaluing owned assets compared to equivalent ones not owned.

Understanding these biases is the first stride towards more logical investment decisions. Using AI-enhanced tools like Libertify’s AI solution can deliver impartial insights to counter these biases, assisting investors in making choices that align with their long-term financial aspirations.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about AI-driven investment solutions

What are AI-driven investment solutions and how can they assist crypto investors?

AI-driven investment solutions like those offered by Libertify use real-time market data, behavioral patterns, and unique risk profiles to enable timely adjustments to asset allocation. They assist investors in navigating the volatile crypto landscape while maintaining a balance between risk and potential returns. Libertify’s tools provide features such as the Trailing Stop Loss and Take Profit, automatically adjusting portfolios based on predefined risk thresholds, and a risk management platform called AI Audit for retail investors.

How does Libertify’s personalized AI risk management solution help overcome cognitive biases?

Libertify’s AI risk management solution helps overcome cognitive biases by providing data-driven insights and recommendations. These AI-driven tools act as a rational counterbalance to emotions and foster a mindset of adaptability and continuous learning. They can assist investors in making informed decisions, whether holding or adjusting their portfolio in response to market conditions.

What is Libertify’s “crypto seatbelt” protection?

Libertify’s “crypto seatbelt” is an automatic safety mechanism, similar to a seatbelt in a car, but for investments. It meticulously calculates optimal risk exposure for each asset and every individual user, providing tailored precision for each unique portfolio. It also includes tools that guide investors on prudent asset exchange and automatically adjust portfolios during volatile market swings.

What are the common cognitive biases that affect crypto investors, according to Rosenblum?

The common cognitive biases affecting crypto investors include Herd Mentality, Anchoring Bias, Overconfidence, Loss Aversion, Confirmation Bias, Sunk Cost Fallacy, Recency Bias, Gambler’s Fallacy, and Endowment Effect. These biases often lead to irrational economic decisions and can be counteracted by awareness and the use of AI-powered tools like Libertify’s solution.

What are Rosenblum’s thoughts on “hodling” versus regularly rebalancing one’s portfolio?

Rosenblum recognizes HODLing as a successful strategy but stresses the importance of adapting to changing market dynamics. Regularly rebalancing allows investors to take advantage of evolving trends and reduce risk exposure. With AI-backed insights, investors can make informed decisions on holding or adjusting their portfolio, allowing flexibility to maximize returns while managing risk.

How does AI Audit work, and how does it assist in risk management for retail investors?

AI Audit is a groundbreaking tool by Libertify that analyzes embedded risks within a portfolio and offers instant risk optimization proposals. It leverages behavioral insights and past transaction data to provide personalized recommendations, bridging the gap between individual investors and institutional-grade risk management. It ensures that investments align with the investor’s risk appetite, assisting in risk management.

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