Monday, October 2, 2023

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by Ahmed Ali 9 comments

Legal representatives for Do Kwon, former CEO of Terraform Labs, assert that the SEC’s request for a deposition is unfeasible due to Kwon’s ongoing …

by Ahmed Ali 0 comment

First-layer (L1) and second-layer (L2) blockchain solutions offer divergent methodologies for enhancing the scalability of distributed ledger networks. Developers working on first-layer blockchains are …

by Ahmed Ali 10 comments

U.S. authorities intensify crackdown on a swine-slaughter cryptocurrency scam, seizing $434,000 in digital assets …

by Ahmed Ali 5 comments

Binance has reinitiated its cryptocurrency exchange services in Belgium after resolving regulatory compliance issues. …

by Ahmed Ali 0 comment

Microstrategy Adds Another 5,445 Bitcoin to Its Portfolio — Holdings Now Total 158,245 BTCMicrostrategy …

by Ahmed Ali 4 comments

Bybit announces the temporary suspension of its U.K. operations to comply with the Financial …

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by Hideo Nakamura 5 comments

This article delves into the recent significant decrease in Bitcoin Ordinal inscriptions after a record peak on September 15, …

by Simon Ng 4 comments

Weekly Recap: Bitboy’s arrest, Kiyosaki’s BTC advice, and lawmakers push for Bitcoin ETF approval. Cryptocurrency and finance highlights.

by Carlos Fernandes 7 comments

In-Depth Overview of October’s Crypto Airdrops: Opportunities and Cautionary Insights

by Kofi Mensah 5 comments

Nigerian crypto exchange Patricia secures undisclosed funds to reimburse users affected by a May cyber attack. The news comes …

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