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Bangkok’s government is poised to close Facebook in Thailand, accusing the social media giant of failing to sufficiently combat fraudulent activities. Scammers have been enticing individuals to invest in counterfeit firms and cryptocurrencies, according to the authorities, leading to a growing number of grievances.

Facebook, Owned by Meta Platforms, Subjected to Online Fraud Legal Actions in Thailand

The authorities in Thailand are holding Facebook responsible for aiding fraud, collaborating with swindlers to mislead investors. The Bangkok Post disclosed on Tuesday that an attempt will be made this month by the Digital Economy and Society Ministry to obtain a legal order to suspend Facebook’s services in Thailand.

The Ministry criticizes Facebook for neglecting to filter the fraudulent sponsored pages, despite numerous appeals for assistance in eliminating advertisements marked as scams by the government and associated agencies over the years. Minister Chaiwut Thanakamanusorn articulated to Reuters:

We seek the court’s intervention to shut down Facebook in Thailand, barring it from offering services if it continues to allow these fraudulent pages to deceive individuals.

The digital ministry also elaborated that the schemes carried out on Facebook enticed users to invest in counterfeit corporations and engage in digital currency trading. There were also instances of imposters pretending to be various governmental entities, including Thailand’s Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), using the names and likenesses of renowned individuals and companies to trick investors.

The Royal Thai Police will lodge separate legal actions against the fraudsters and Facebook, in both criminal and civil courts, as disclosed by Chaiwut on Monday after discussions with police officials and representatives from the SEC and other bodies.

Chaiwut also revealed that around 300,000 complaints concerning fraud instances have been filed with the Thai legal system by both private individuals and government bodies, including the securities regulatory agency.

With 65 million users in Thailand, Facebook has taken action to suppress fraudulent pages, but these measures are deemed inadequate to deter fraud by Chaiwut. He maintains that Facebook must enhance its monitoring mechanisms for the sponsored pages that constitute a source of advertising income for the company.

The potential closure of Facebook in Thailand has raised questions and speculations. Share your insights on this issue in the comments section below.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Facebook Cryptocurrency Scams

Why is the government of Thailand considering shutting down Facebook?

The government of Thailand is contemplating shutting down Facebook due to allegations that the social media platform has not taken adequate measures to prevent cryptocurrency scams and fraudulent activities.

What specific accusations are being made against Facebook?

Authorities in Thailand are accusing Facebook of facilitating fraud and collaborating with scammers to deceive investors. They claim that Facebook’s failure to effectively screen fraudulent sponsored pages has led to individuals being misled into investing in fake companies and cryptocurrencies.

What actions has the Digital Economy and Society Ministry taken?

The Digital Economy and Society Ministry of Thailand is seeking a criminal court order to shut down Facebook’s services in the country. They argue that if Facebook continues to allow fake pages to scam people, it should not be permitted to operate in Thailand.

Are there any examples of the fraudulent activities on Facebook?

Yes, scammers have been luring users on Facebook to invest in counterfeit companies and engage in digital currency trading. They have also impersonated government bodies like the country’s Securities and Exchange Commission and exploited famous names and company images to deceive investors.

How is Facebook responding to these accusations?

Facebook, which has 65 million users in Thailand, has cooperated to block scam pages. However, authorities argue that these efforts have not been sufficient to curb the prevalence of fraud. They are demanding that Facebook strengthen its screening system for sponsored pages that generate advertising revenue.

How many complaints have been filed regarding fraud cases?

Around 300,000 complaints about fraud cases have been submitted to the Thai judiciary by private individuals and government authorities, including the securities regulator.

Could this potential shutdown of Facebook affect its users in Thailand?

If the shutdown occurs, it would impact the 65 million users of Facebook in Thailand, potentially limiting their access to the platform for both personal and business use.

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PoliticInsider August 24, 2023 - 4:46 am

politics n scams mix? thailand govt accusin fb helpin scams. big blow 2 fb’s rep. need truth tho, not just blame game.

CryptoEnthusiast123 August 24, 2023 - 8:46 am

hey, thailand govt not happy w/ fb huh? they say fb not doin enuf 2 stop scams. sounds serius, scams r bad.

InvestorGuru55 August 24, 2023 - 4:34 pm

investrs hurt by scams. thailand govt got point. if fb no fix, shutdwn big deal. hope they clean up, protect investrs.

BusinessMogul22 August 24, 2023 - 5:02 pm

thailand mean biz! shuttin fb? crazy! lotsa fraud goin on, need 2 stop. hope fb fix, big mess othrwse.


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