Worldcoin, a startup with the ambitious goal of creating the world’s largest identity and financial network as a public utility, has achieved a significant milestone by reaching two million sign-ups. The company has seen remarkable growth, more than doubling its user base since January when it celebrated its first million sign-ups.

The Worldcoin project relies on its innovative biometric system called World ID to distinguish individuals, and this technology has played a pivotal role in attracting users. Utilizing the World ID protocol, Worldcoin has successfully garnered two million sign-ups. The company’s global outreach initiative, known as the “world tour,” has contributed to this achievement, with registrations pouring in from major cities like Barcelona, Berlin, Buenos Aires, New York, Seoul, and Tokyo. Worldcoin continues to register an impressive 40,000 sign-ups per week.

To ensure the uniqueness and authenticity of each user in a privacy-preserving manner, the World ID protocol necessitates the use of specialized hardware devices. The Orb, a device equipped with two cameras that capture high-definition iris images, enables individuals to register securely.

Worldcoin has made multiple Orbs available in the aforementioned cities, allowing users to conveniently scan their irises at designated locations. Remarkably, the company achieved its second million sign-ups in less than half the time it took to achieve the first million.

Upon reaching this significant milestone, Worldcoin conveyed the following statement:

“Surpassing two million World ID sign-ups is not only a remarkable achievement for the Worldcoin community but also a major step forward in the global endeavor to provide digitally-verifiable identity to everyone.”

In response to the escalating demand for verified World IDs, Worldcoin plans to increase the availability of Orbs in the upcoming months. Currently, the project remains in its beta phase.

Furthermore, Worldcoin has successfully integrated its World ID protocol into various applications that leverage its comprehensive identification database. To facilitate this integration process, Auth0, a company specializing in identity and authentication services for third parties, has developed a plugin called “sign in with Worldcoin.” This plugin enables the protocol to be utilized in tens of thousands of applications utilizing Auth0’s services.

Talent Protocol, a Web3 developer social platform, has also recognized the significance of World ID and has incorporated it as one of the verification methods. Pedro Oliveria from Talent Protocol commented:

“Human verification serves as a fundamental trust component for any builders community.”

In May, Worldcoin introduced the World App, which serves as a wallet supporting the World ID protocol and allows users to acquire Worldcoin tokens. These tokens are intended to function as a form of universal basic income (UBI) for verified users.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about digital identity verification

What is Worldcoin?

Worldcoin is a startup that aims to build the world’s largest identity and financial network as a public utility. It utilizes its biometric system called World ID to differentiate human beings and provide digitally-verifiable identity.

How many sign-ups has Worldcoin achieved?

Worldcoin has surpassed the milestone of 2 million sign-ups. Since January, the company has more than doubled its user base, reaching this significant number of registrations.

What is the World ID protocol?

The World ID protocol is a system developed by Worldcoin that requires users to register using special hardware devices called Orbs. These devices capture high-definition iris images to ensure uniqueness and humanness in a privacy-preserving way.

What cities have contributed to Worldcoin’s sign-ups?

Worldcoin’s sign-ups have come from various cities around the world, including Barcelona, Berlin, Buenos Aires, New York, Seoul, and Tokyo. The company embarked on a “world tour” to encourage registrations from these locations.

Are there plans to expand the availability of the Orbs?

Yes, Worldcoin intends to ramp up the availability of Orbs in the coming months to meet the growing demand for verified World IDs.

How is the World ID protocol being integrated into other apps?

Worldcoin’s World ID protocol is being integrated into other applications through partnerships. Auth0, a company providing identity and authentication services, has developed an integration plugin called “sign in with Worldcoin” to facilitate its usage in tens of thousands of applications.

What is the purpose of the World App?

The World App serves as a wallet that supports the World ID protocol and allows users to acquire Worldcoin tokens. These tokens are intended to function as a form of universal basic income (UBI) for verified users.

What is the significance of Worldcoin’s achievement?

Worldcoin’s achievement of reaching 2 million sign-ups marks a significant milestone in the broader global effort to make digitally-verifiable identity more accessible to everyone. It represents a step forward in revolutionizing digital identity verification.

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PrivacyAdvocate July 17, 2023 - 11:03 pm

the world id protocol using iris scanning sounds interesting, but what about privacy concerns? i hope they’re taking strong measures to protect users’ data. privacy is important!

CryptoNewbie123 July 17, 2023 - 11:22 pm

so worldcoin is integrating with other apps? that’s awesome! i can’t wait to see where else i can use my world id. gonna be so convenient!

CryptoEnthusiast45 July 18, 2023 - 1:04 am

wow this worldcoin thing sounds super cool! they have 2 millon signups already? that’s amzing! can’t wait to see how this digital id thingy works!

CryptoInvestor99 July 18, 2023 - 5:06 am

2 million sign-ups? sounds impressive, but i’m still not sure about this whole biometric id thing. is it really safe and reliable? i guess time will tell.

SocialMediaAddict July 18, 2023 - 11:45 am

ooh, a wallet that gives you tokens as a sort of basic income? that’s so cool! i need to get on board with worldcoin and start earning those tokens ASAP!

TechEnthusiast22 July 18, 2023 - 12:36 pm

worldcoin reaching 2 millon signups in such a short time is a big deal. they must be doing something right! i’m curious to see how this project progresses in the future.

TechGeek21 July 18, 2023 - 1:48 pm

worldcoin’s got sam altman’s backing? that’s huge! i’m excited to see if they can really revolutionize digital id verification. fingers crossed!


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