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Bitcoin remained persistently beneath the threshold of $26,000 this past Wednesday, having breached a significant price support level. The leading cryptocurrency in terms of market capitalization has largely exhibited a consolidation trend in the recent period, as investors focus their attention on the forthcoming address by Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell at the Jackson Hole Symposium on Friday.


Bitcoin’s value declined beneath a substantial support level late Tuesday, prolonging its period of consolidation.

After reaching a preceding high at $26,160.78, the BTC/USD pair saw a decrease to an intraday low of $25,520.73 during the latter part of yesterday’s trading session.

This descent led to the price reaching a nadir over the past five days, and falling below a recent support threshold at the $25,600 mark.

A graph by TradingView illustrates Bitcoin’s movements.

As of the time of composition, Bitcoin has experienced a rebound and is presently being traded at $25,870.08. Concurrently, the relative strength index (RSI) seems to be stabilized at its own floor level of 20.00.

The current price strength resides at 19.82, located firmly within bearish territory, yet also signifying a potential upside for longer-term bullish investors, given that market sentiment seems to have stabilized.

The Jackson Hole Symposium scheduled for Friday could inject the much-needed stimulus that has been absent from the markets in the recent days.


The cryptocurrency Ethereum (ETH) momentarily dipped below the $1,600 mark yesterday, though the price has since experienced a recovery in the current trading session.

ETH/USD reached its lowest point at $1,596.38 on Tuesday, after a preceding high of $1,662.88 earlier that day.

Mirroring Bitcoin’s movement, this decline drove Ethereum to its lowest valuation since the previous Thursday, a reaction to the news related to SpaceX.

A graph by TradingView depicts Ethereum’s price trajectory.

Currently, ETH is being traded at $1,637, following a bounce in the RSI from a support level of 22.00, now situated at 23.19.

Bullish investors are presently targeting the 27.00 mark, a level that, if reached, may lead to Ethereum surpassing the $1,700 mark.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about fokus keyword: Technical Analysis

What is the main theme of the text?

The main theme of the text is the technical analysis of Bitcoin and Ethereum, focusing on the 5-day lows they reached, and the anticipation of the market for the Federal Reserve’s Jackson Hole Symposium.

What are the 5-day lows for Bitcoin and Ethereum mentioned in the text?

The 5-day lows mentioned in the text are $25,520.73 for Bitcoin and $1,596.38 for Ethereum.

How does the text view the market situation before the Federal Reserve’s Jackson Hole Symposium?

The text indicates a period of consolidation for both Bitcoin and Ethereum, with market participants awaiting potential stimuli from the Federal Reserve’s Jackson Hole Symposium. It also outlines some signs of potential recovery.

What are the current trading values for Bitcoin and Ethereum as mentioned in the text?

As of the writing of the text, Bitcoin is trading at $25,870.08 and Ethereum is trading at $1,637.

Is there any indication of a potential bullish trend for either Bitcoin or Ethereum?

Yes, the text suggests a potential upside for longer-term bullish investors, especially for Bitcoin, and indicates that a specific target level for Ethereum could lead to its rising above $1,700.

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