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by Javier Hernandez 5 comments

Review of the week in crypto, highlighting ICP and SNX’s performance among others, market value trends, and the impact of the holiday season on …

by Simon Ng 5 comments

Analysis of recent cryptocurrency market trends, highlighting the significant gains of BTT and BONK amidst a general market downturn.

by Miguel Lopez 0 comment

Meme coins soar, gaining $6.7B in a month, led by BONK, PEPE, and SHIB …

by Alexander Savenkov 0 comment

In-depth analysis of crypto market winners and losers. Detailed insights for serious investors. No …

by Miguel Lopez 4 comments

Analysis of gamefi tokens’ remarkable growth, surpassing the AI crypto sector with a $4.5 …

by Ahmed Ali 4 comments

Overview of the cryptocurrency market’s surge to $1.4T, highlighting FTT and ORDI’s exceptional growth …

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by Jamal Al-Farouq 0 comment

Analysis of Antpool’s dominance in bitcoin mining and consolidation trends among top pools, as reported by The Miner Mag …

by Kofi Mensah 5 comments

Analysis of Blast, an Ethereum L2 protocol, surpassing $1 billion in TVL, its growth, funding, and future plans in …

by Miguel Lopez 6 comments

Analysis of FTX estate’s revised digital asset claims valuation in bankruptcy, referencing Nov 11, 2022, crypto prices.

by Kofi Mensah 4 comments

Overview of Nasdaq-listed Bitcoin mining firms’ significant growth in 2023, with Marathon Digital leading at a 767% increase.

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