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Nowadays, technology is playing a bigger role in our lives. We’re able to do more things with the help of digital tools and systems, from shopping online to streaming our favorite shows. With their convenience and simplicity, people have become accustomed to having access to the vast power of technology anytime, anywhere. As a result, many businesses are flourishing due to the virtual world we now live in. This has created an exciting job market for young adults that can take advantage of this new opportunity by using their skills in computer programming or web development to earn a living. Technology will only continue to become more integrated into our lives so it’s important that we don’t overlook how much potential it has to offer us.

This week, a group of important tech people – like Elon Musk, Gary Marcus and Steve Wozniak – signed a letter to ask AI labs to stop working on developing new AI tools for six months. They want safety rituals and rules to be made stricter because they think that the AI labs are too busy in making new inventions quickly. But Brian Armstrong (who is the boss at Coinbase) said that we should not let our fears slow down progress.

Should We Pause Artificial Intelligence (AI) Development? Debate Rages On!

More than 2,600 tech industry experts wrote a letter asking people who work with Artificial Intelligence (AI) to stop for six months. The group believes that AI is getting closer to what humans can do, so they think it’s important to be sure the effects of developing powerful AI will be a good one and risks are controlled. If these people don’t agree to stop, the government may put a hold on developing it.

A lot of important people recently wrote a letter saying that not enough people are controlling the development and use of artificial intelligence. This includes Elon Musk from Tesla, Andrew Yang who is a politician, Gary Marcus who is an AI author and Steve Wozniak who used to be part of Apple.

Some people think that the development of Artificial Intelligence (AI) should be paused for a while so it does not cause harm to democracy and economics. But some disagree, saying this is crazy. They also said that temporarily stopping AI seems like a bad idea because it can make things used by rich people useless.

“Someone said this is a bad decision, and on Thursday Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong agreed. He thinks that people shouldn’t be scared of change and he tweeted that he does not think this plan is a good idea. He said ‘there aren’t any experts who can decide what’s best, and lots of different people won’t ever agree – so committees and red tape will not help’. In conclusion, Armstrong believes this is a bad decision.”

“New technologies can be a little scary, but it’s important to not let fear get in the way of moving forward and making progress. The best results come from lots of different people sharing their opinions instead of having one group of people make all the rules. Always keep an eye out for anyone who is trying to take control over everything.”

This week, there has been a lot of talk about whether or not we should pause Artificial Intelligence (AI) development. Some people think this is a bad idea, particularly those AI companies that are already winning in the industry. Lee Cronin from Chemify said this idea doesn’t make sense. He commented that it would be like destroying the book that explains how to build a printing press that was printed from the same machine! It’s still not clear if AI labs will actually go ahead with stopping progress.

How do you feel about the disagreement over whether Artificial Intelligence labs should take a break for six months or keep going with their work? And, how should we control the dangers that AI technology poses? Think it through and give your opinion in the comments box below.


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