Friday, June 9, 2023

Stanley Druckenmiller, a very rich investor, says that the U.S. could experience a recession this June. Spending by American consumers has been slow and people are instead using credit cards to pay for things – which is causing the situation to become more serious. He warns that this might turn out really badly if it isn’t taken seriously.

Druckenmiller Warns of an Inevitable “Hard Landing” for the US Economy

At the 2023 Sohn Investment Conference in San Francisco, Stanley Druckenmiller warned about the U.S. economy. He thinks that people who think a “soft landing” is coming may be wrong and instead, something much worse (a “hard landing”) is going to happen. There has already been a big drop in consumer spending, as seen in an image shared at the conference.

Hedge fund expert Druckenmiller pointed to the reduced spending of people and recent issues in banking as reasons why he predicted tough times ahead for the US economy. Other big names in finance agree with his views. This can be seen from a picture showing how consumer spending has fallen, taken on May 14th 2023.

Some famous investors, like Barry Sternlicht, David Rosenberg, and Jeffrey Gundlach think that the USA might have a difficult time soon. At a conference, Druckenmiller also said he agrees as he gave evidence of rising unemployment rates, big business profits decreasing by 20%, and more bankruptcies. Although this could be bad news, Druckenmiller wants to make sure people know that it will probably not get as bad as in 2008.

“I’m not saying something worse than 2008 will occur, but it’s wise to be prepared in case something extremely bad happens.”

Stanley Druckenmiller Believes AI Could Be the Answer to Recession Recovery

Some experts think the U.S. economy will be ok, but billionaire investor Druckenmiller disagrees. He thinks a recession is coming. But Druckenmiller is still hopeful because he believes good things may come out of this hard time.

Stan Druckenmiller believes that in the future there will be incredible chances for people, especially in Artificial Intelligence (AI). He thinks this because after the recession there is more space for new technologies and solutions to appear. Furthermore, Stan states that AI will be as influential as the internet was many years ago and it could guide businesses to make $100 billion.

At the Sohn Investment Conference, Stanley Druckenmiller let everyone know how he feels about the Federal Reserve’s current policy. He thinks that the United States central bank used up all the tools it had to fight inflation and recession. He said sadly, “We basically used up all our ammo.”

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