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The Coincheck exchange is available to use from March 16. There is also a main page for Financie Token, which can be found by visiting

Financie, Inc., a company from Tokyo with Hironao Kunimitsu as its CEO, has now released the results of their FNCT (Financie Token) sale on Coincheck. The amount for the sale was about twenty billion Japanese Yen (150 million US Dollars), and 18.78 times more people applied than what was provided. The FNCT will be available to buy and trade on Coincheck starting March 16th, 2023, and also there will be a Staking program possible in Spring 2023. On top of that, they are preparing to list FNCT on different crypto exchanges around the world.

Staking is a way for people to get crypto-assets as a reward for helping generate new crypto-assets and make blockchain systems function smoothly. FiNANCiE records the transactions done on Ethereum’s blockchain so that the Community Token* used on the service remain valuable. In Spring 2023, users will be able to participate in Staking by keeping FNCT with a validator (a processor that checks and approves data). The specifics of how people can take part and what rewards they’ll get will be revealed then too.

Community Token isn’t something that is used with any other digital currencies. It is only used in the FiNANCiE service. A lot of people wanted to buy it, so many accounts tried to purchase it for a total amount of 20 billion yen (USD 150 million). But only 1.066 billion yen (USD 8 million) was made available for sale, and this caused the demand to be 18.78x higher than what was available. Money from this sale will be used to help grow FNCT services and make its ecosystem better!

FNCT (Financie Token) is a type of crypto asset based on the Ethereum blockchain. It works as an platform token that connects Community Tokens which are used in “FiNANCiE”, a service released by Financie, Inc. This service uses the blockchain to help increase and maintain value of the Community Tokens and make them more valuable long-term.

FNCT (Financie Token) has many uses, like giving rewards to people who use FiNANCiE and motivating them to help create great communities. It also helps with “user-driven operation” by allowing people to have a say in how the FiNANCiE platform works. That’s all part of FNCT’s ecosystem.

FNCT is a special token used on the FiNANCiE platform. It is made to give extra rewards to people who help out in sports clubs and creative communities. The goal of this platform is to make an ecosystem that increases the value of FNCT which can be returned back to its holder with more people getting involved. Check out the link for more information about FiNANCiE’s Roadmap.

FiNANCiE has been providing its reliable services since March 2019. In 2023, a new currency called FNCT will be sold using IEO, which means people can stake and use other services like governance too. By the end of 2023, we plan to make the eco-system more useful for creators by providing them better utilities and expanding the existing system.

At the end of 2023, FNCT IEO will start a special staking program and governance system. There will also be more things available in the domestic economy from utilities related to sports and creators. Later on, there’ll be a global version of FiNANCiE with its own token for managing fees, rewards and more! To learn more about this, please check out the link provided below.

FiNANCiE is an online platform that uses blockchain technology to help sports teams and creators achieve their goals and dreams with the help of their fans. This can be done by using a unique form of crowdfunding. Here are different websites you can use to learn more:

• Main page:

• Whitepaper:

• Twitter (JP):

• Twitter (EN):

• Discord:


FiNANCiE is a platform that uses blockchain technology to help create what’s known as a ‘Community Token’. Community Tokens are issued by community owners, like sports teams or people who create things. When you have one of these tokens it means that you’re involved in the community and you get to be part of their activities.

FiNANCiE already has a bunch of communities working on it, like 92 in the sports industry, 60 in entertainment and 51 in individual work (like creators or influencers). The majority of these communities come from Japan.

Financie Inc. has given a lot of help to sports teams and content creators. They have raised over JPY 1.18 billion through their token sales and JPY 1.34 million through secondary token transactions. FNCT is the common platform token for Financie, which is different from other tokens given for each community or group.

Financie, Inc. is a company that helps people build token-based communities and ecosystems, which includes services like FiNANCiE (a website that lets people launch blockchain-driven fundraising campaigns), NFT business and IEO support. Financie Inc. can be downloaded from the App Store (iOS 14. or higher) or Google Play (Android 6.0 or higher).

Financie, Inc. was founded by Hironao Kunimitsu in January 2019. It is located in Japan, at Cerulean Tower 15F 26-1 Sakuragaokacho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo and its contact details are on their website:

This is a kind of announcement, so anyone who reads it should think carefully and do their own research before taking any action involving the company or its services mentioned in this announcement. won’t be responsible if anything bad happens because of reading this announcement or using what was listed in it.

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