A recent report showed that El Salvador is really interested in Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies. Even though the United States was still number one, El Salvador came in at a close second. This has caused concerns from people living in El Salvador as their President – Nayib Bukele – wants to make Bitcoin as a legal currency to use.

El Salvador Ranks Highly Among Countries Interested in Bitcoin

A recent study conducted by Crypto Betting, a decentralized gaming portal, shows that El Salvador is one of the countries with the most interest in bitcoin and its uses. The number of searches on Google Analytics and ATMs in each country were analyzed to come up with this result. El Salvador was revealed to be the second most interested country in this subject.

The country got a score of 46.19 out of 100 in the survey, which ranks higher for countries that are more interested in Bitcoin. According to the report about El Salvador, it is a very special and important part in Bitcoin’s world.

The United States was the top country that is most interested in bitcoin, with a grade of 54.95 out of 100. Other countries that scored high in the report were Vietnam, Canada, Nigeria, Switzerland, Philippines, India, Venezuela and Austria.

Opinion Polls Reveal Most El Salvadorans Disagree with President Bukele’s Push for Bitcoin

Recently, the government passed a law that makes Bitcoin legal in our country. However, some people are criticizing President Nayib Bukele for trying to get people to use Bitcoin.

Lots of people from El Salvador did not think Bitcoin helped them with their finances, according to a survey done by Simeon Canas University. In May 2022, the Francisco Gavidia University Center for Citizen Studies studied people’s opinions too and found 60% of people disagreed with using Bitcoin instead of the United States dollar.

Although some people doubt it, El Salvador is interested in Bitcoin. They are building ‘Bitcoin City’, powered by geothermal energy and funded with something called ‘Volcano Bonds’. These bonds have not yet been issued by the government. So what do you think about El Salvador’s interest in Bitcoin? Leave your opinion in the comments below!


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