Thursday, November 30, 2023

BinaryX sent out a press release today for their game, Project Matthew. The team has created a special video to explain more about the game and opened registration for those who want to join in their Closed Beta Test soon.

Project Matthew is an exciting new space-building simulation game where players can explore the unknown universe and build things! This game will be released by BinaryX in the near future.

In this fun game, you’re the landlord of an extraterrestrial land called Matthew! Your mission is to build your own city in space by producing resources with special production lines. Build and create as much as you want until you’ve built a swell space town!

Everything kicks off as you get a NFT plot, which is like a piece of land in the game. You can build all sorts of robot helpers to do stuff for you – like search for things, fight enemies, or explore new places. With these robots you can also create an entire virtual army to lead your city!

Players have the chance to collect a robot army of different power and take on their foes in an exciting fight. The level you compete in determines how huge your rewards will be.

As part of the gameplay, you can choose to go explore other planets around yours and far away ones too. Doing so will grant you tons of prizes!

Project Matthew is an amazing project happening in the year 2023. It’s all about adding a new type of game to BinaryX’s system – it’s going to be the coolest simulation game ever! Players will get to explore space and even become landowners, just like astronauts! Everyone at BinaryX is really excited for this great opportunity that’ll bring in tons of new friends who love both simulation games and exploring space. This was announced by Rudy S., the Global Head of Business Operations and Development for BinaryX.

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BinaryX is starting Project Matthew and anyone can join the Beta Test with a Windows computer! Registration starts on 13 March at 9 PM and closes at 20 March 6 PM so sign up quickly. All the details for this Beta Test can be found on their registration page and social media channels.

Oh, and BinaryX is the platform behind two other games too; CyberDragon and CyberChess. Both of these games are powered by BNB chain.

BinaryX started off by creating a trading system that works without any single central source. Over time, the team moved on to make decentralized video games, and now operates a platform called GameFi which helps connect regular developers to Web3 ones.

BinaryX is one of the coolest projects on the BNB Chain. It has more than 100,000 coin holders and 17,000 monthly active wallets. That’s a lot of people! It is also one of the biggest projects by trading volume on the BNB chain, with 200 million in market value. On top of that, its token, $BNX, has shown impressive performance during times when most other tokens have not done well. To learn more about BinaryX and all its features, check out for details.

You can find us on several different social media sites, like Twitter, Discord, Telegram, YouTube and Medium. For any other questions or inquiries you may have, you can contact our Communications Lead Kora K. at BinaryX via their email address: [email protected].

This is an important announcement. Before you decide to take any kind of action for the company mentioned, make sure you do research first. CryptokenTop can’t be responsible if anything bad happens after you rely on the things said in this release.



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