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Bitcoin and Ethereum experienced rebounds from recent lows, as investors brace for the release of the upcoming US consumer confidence report. The report’s confidence index is anticipated to rise to 111.5 in July, up from the previous month’s 109.7. Additionally, Ethereum saw a positive bounce after encountering a significant price floor.


In the current trading session, Bitcoin (BTC) rebounded from its one-month low early in the week.

BTC/USD surged to reach a peak of $29,327.86 earlier today, following a drop to $28,934.29 on Monday.

Bitcoin’s bulls successfully defended the support level at $28,800 and are now setting their sights on reaching the $30,000 resistance.

BTC/USD – Daily Chart:

One factor contributing to the price stabilization is the relative strength index (RSI), which found support around 42.00.

As of the latest update, the RSI stands at 41.90, with the next support level expected around 37.00.

Currently, it seems likely that the price will maintain its stability above $29,000, although this could change following the release of the US consumer confidence report later today.


Ethereum (ETH) also experienced a rebound from its support level on Tuesday, after slipping to a multi-week low on Monday.

Following a low of $1,836.85 earlier in the week, ETH/USD marginally climbed to an intraday high of $1,862.43 during today’s session.

This bounce occurred after Ethereum moved away from the recent support level at $1,830, with $1,900 now becoming the potential target.

ETH/USD – Daily Chart:

Similar to Bitcoin, Ethereum’s RSI found support around 43.00, which significantly contributed to halting the sell-off seen yesterday.

Currently tracking at 45.00, the next visible resistance level lies at 50.00, and surpassing this point will likely propel ETH to $1,900.

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What are your expectations for the US consumer confidence report today? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Cryptocurrency

Q: What is the current status of Bitcoin and Ethereum in the market?

A: Both Bitcoin and Ethereum have experienced rebounds from recent lows. Bitcoin, after dropping to a one-month low, rebounded during the trading session and is currently aiming for a resistance level at $30,000. Ethereum also bounced higher after encountering a key price floor and is now potentially targeting $1,900.

Q: What is the upcoming event that investors are preparing for?

A: Investors are bracing for the release of the US consumer confidence report. The confidence index is expected to increase in July, which could have implications for the cryptocurrency market.

Q: What role does the relative strength index (RSI) play in stabilizing the prices of Bitcoin and Ethereum?

A: The relative strength index (RSI) has provided support around 42.00 for both Bitcoin and Ethereum. This has been instrumental in halting sell-offs and contributing to the current stabilization of prices.

Q: What are the potential price levels to watch for in Bitcoin and Ethereum?

A: For Bitcoin, the next resistance level to watch is at $30,000, while the support level appears to be around $29,000. For Ethereum, the potential target is $1,900, with the current support level at $1,830.

Q: How can investors stay updated on weekly price analysis for these cryptocurrencies?

A: Investors can register their email to receive weekly price analysis updates for Bitcoin and Ethereum. The analysis report can be sent directly to their inbox for informed decision-making.

Q: What is the sentiment in the market for Bitcoin and Ethereum?

A: The sentiment in the market for both cryptocurrencies is currently bullish, as they have rebounded from recent lows and are showing signs of further potential gains.

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