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us treasury secretary

by Hideo Nakamura
us treasury secretary

Us Treasury Secretary
The United States Treasury Secretary is the head of the United States Department of the Treasury, which is responsible for managing national economic policy and overseeing U.S. government financial operations. The current U.S. Treasury Secretary is Steven Mnuchin, who was appointed by President Donald J Trump on February 13th 2017 and confirmed by the Senate on February 13th 2017 .

Prior to taking office as secretary, Mnuchin had a long career in banking and finance, having worked at Goldman Sachs from 1985-2002 before becoming CEO of OneWest Bank Group LLC from 2009-2015 prior to joining President Trump’s administration as U.S Treasurer Secretary in 2017 . During his tenure he has been involved with a range of initiatives including tax reform legislation, sanctions against North Korea and Iran , addressing housing affordability issues , promoting American energy independence , supporting small businesses through lending programs like EIDLs (Economic Injury Disaster Loans) & PPPs (Paycheck Protection Program), combating human trafficking and modern slavery , trade negotiations with China & Europe etc .

The duties of the US Treasurer include advising the president on fiscal policy matters such as taxation levels, budgeting processes and debt issuance; managing national public finances; leading international financial diplomacy ; nurturing relationships between banks/investors/financial institutions through regulations/legislation; supervising federal currency issue activities ; ensuring that taxes are collected efficiently; representing America’s interests abroad when it comes to foreign investments or capital flows etc . It also includes making sure that all government funds are properly invested so they can be used wisely for providing necessary services like infrastructure development or defense modernization projects .

In addition to these responsibilities, under current law (31 USC § 321 ) there are several other roles assigned to US Treasurers including serving as chairman of GSEs (Government Sponsored Enterprises); appointing members to Federal Reserve Banks Boards; regulating state money transmitters & payment processors ; monitoring terrorist financing activities within America along with enforcing laws related thereto ; approving certain customs transactions etc .

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