Billionaire Jeffrey Gundlach: The Next Recession Will be Painful

Billionaire Jeffrey Gundlach Warns of Another Recession

Billionaire Jeffrey Gundlach believes that the next recession will be painful, and the Federal Reserve is largely to blame. Gundlach feels that the recent spate of economic problems are a result of the Fed’s policies, which he argues will only get worse in the future.

2 – Problems Caused by the Fed

Gundlach worries that the Fed’s efforts to avoid a hard landing are causing more frequent and severe problems. These problems will only continue to build until the economy suffers an even more severe crisis.

3 – The Moving Average Approach

Gundlach believes that the Fed’s approach – attempting to follow a moving average – is causing unnecessary fluctuations in the economy. He argues that a more stable approach would be more effective in aiding growth.

4 – Investment Advice for the Next Recession

If you’re looking to protect your money during the next recession, Gundlach recommends investing in bonds. Bonds provide consistent returns over time, even during difficult times.

Jeffrey Gundlach, a renowned investor and “Bond King,” recently warned that the next recession is coming, and that it will be a very painful experience for many. His comments come as the US economy remains sluggish, despite recent signs of improvement. Gundlach is not alone in his prediction; a number of economists have voiced similar concerns in recent months.

If Gundlach is correct, then the next recession could be brutal for many people and businesses. His advice? Be prepared.


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