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soft landing

by Hideo Nakamura

Soft Landing: A Primer

What is Soft Landing?

Soft landing, sometimes called “emergency halt” or “circuit breaker”, is a feature of cryptocurrency trading platforms that enables users to temporarily suspend the trading process when necessary. This temporary suspension can be used in times of extreme market volatility or other abnormal conditions to prevent losses and protect traders from potential scams and frauds. The idea behind soft landing is that it gives investors time to assess their positions before making any drastic decisions about their investments.

How Does It Work?

The exact details of how each platform implements soft landing will vary, but generally speaking it works by suspending all active orders on the platform for a predetermined amount of time. During this period new orders cannot be created nor existing ones cancelled or modified. The duration of the suspension may also be set differently depending on the specific exchange rules; some exchanges may opt for shorter periods while others could have longer windows ranging up to several hours or even days in some cases. Depending on the exchange policies, traders may also receive notifications prior to a scheduled emergency halt so they can take appropriate measures if needed.

Benefits & Risks

The main benefit associated with soft landings is that they provide an extra layer of protection against sudden market changes which might otherwise lead to large losses due to unexpected price movements within short periods of time; as such these mechanisms are particularly useful during times when markets are extremely volatile and unpredictable (e.g., around major news events). On top of this, these features also help reduce risk by preventing malicious actors from exploiting market conditions through fraudulent activities like pump-and-dump schemes or insider trading. However there are some drawbacks associated with using soft landings, such as increased difficulty in managing positions since all active orders must remain suspended until after the emergency period ends; additionally there could potentially be delays in order execution once normal operations resume depending on factors like network congestion at peak times etc..


In conclusion, although there can be certain risks associated with utilizing soft landings (such as delays in order execution), ultimately these mechanisms offer important protections against unforeseen market changes which could otherwise result in significant financial losses for many investors – especially during highly volatile situations where rapid price movements occur unexpectedly over short durations . As such having an understanding about how these tools work is essential for any serious cryptocurrency trader looking maximize gains and minimize risks when investing online

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