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by Hideo Nakamura

Perspective is an important concept for anyone interested in cryptocurrency. It refers to how a person views the current state of cryptocurrencies, and their potential future development. Perspective can be broken down into two areas – short-term and long-term.

Short-term perspective looks at the present day and immediate future of cryptocurrency, while long-term perspective takes a look at the next few years or decades ahead. The former is generally more focused on market trends like prices and trading volume, while the latter focuses on technological developments such as new applications or protocols that could potentially revolutionize blockchain technology.

To make informed decisions about investing in cryptocurrency, it’s important to have both short term and long term perspectives. By looking at both sides of the equation you can gain an understanding of where a particular asset may be headed over time, as well as what opportunities are available right now which might not still exist later on down the line.

Another way to look at perspective is by distinguishing between those who view digital currencies from an investment standpoint versus those who view them from a technology angle. Those with an investment mindset focus primarily on factors such as price movements, whereas those with a tech outlook will consider things like scalability solutions or privacy protocols that could help shape how we use blockchain technology going forward. Both types of perspectives are useful when making decisions about which assets to invest in or hold onto for longer periods of time; however each viewpoint has its own unique set of risks associated with it so it’s important to understand your goals before deciding which option best suits your needs..

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