A recent survey conducted by Consensys reveals that approximately 40% of participants from South Africa are acquainted with the concept of Web3. Furthermore, a staggering 80% of respondents believe that the underlying technology behind cryptocurrencies has the potential to “transform or completely rebuild the financial system.” However, a significant barrier preventing many individuals from engaging with cryptocurrencies is the prevalence of scams, according to 59% of the participants. Additionally, nearly half of the respondents (48%) cited the volatile nature of the crypto market as a major obstacle to entry.

Survey Indicates Financial Trading Skills are Essential

The survey findings from Consensys’ investigation into crypto and Web3 demonstrate that approximately 40% of South Africans are familiar with the concept of Web3. The survey overall indicates a high level of awareness regarding all Web3 concepts among the participants. Among the respondents, the term “Metaverse” emerged as the most recognized concept, followed by non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and Web3.

When questioned about the essential skills required to participate in Web3, 43% of the participants identified financial trading as the most crucial prerequisite. Software engineering was deemed the most important skill by 24% of the surveyed South Africans, while 17% recognized marketing as a vital skill.

Scams Identified as a Barrier to Crypto Adoption

Furthermore, the survey results suggest that half of South Africa’s population believes that the financial system could be enhanced, with an even larger proportion stating that the necessary technology for such improvements already exists.

The survey revealed that 98% of the respondents have heard about cryptocurrencies. However, 59% of them believe that scams pose a significant hindrance to widespread crypto adoption. Almost half of the participants (48%) cited the volatile nature of the crypto market as a significant barrier, while 40% felt that the financial technology supporting cryptocurrencies is overly complex and targeted towards tech-savvy individuals. Only 13% of the respondents considered the technology to be lacking innovation or differentiation from existing solutions.

Regarding the regulation of cryptocurrencies, 46% of the participants expressed the view that heavy regulation is necessary to prevent destabilization of traditional financial markets and protect investors. In contrast, only 7% believed that the industry should be allowed to self-regulate.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Web3 awareness

What percentage of South Africans are familiar with the concept of Web3?

According to the survey conducted by Consensys, approximately 40% of South African participants are familiar with the concept of Web3.

What do South Africans think about the potential of cryptocurrency technology to transform the financial system?

The survey findings indicate that a significant 80% of South Africans believe that the technology behind cryptocurrencies has the potential to “transform or fully rebuild the financial system.”

What are the main barriers stopping South Africans from getting involved with cryptocurrencies?

According to the survey, the main barriers to cryptocurrency adoption in South Africa are scams, as identified by 59% of the respondents, and the volatile nature of the crypto market, as mentioned by 48% of the participants.

What skills do South Africans believe are important to participate in Web3?

When asked about the essential skills for Web3 participation, 43% of the respondents named financial trading as the most important prerequisite. Additionally, 24% believed software engineering to be crucial, while 17% identified marketing as a vital skill.

What do South Africans think about the regulation of cryptocurrencies?

Regarding cryptocurrency regulation, 46% of the participants expressed the opinion that heavy regulation is necessary to ensure stability in traditional financial markets and protect investors. In contrast, only 7% felt that the industry should self-regulate.

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CryptoNewbie99 July 3, 2023 - 2:41 am

I’m not surprised that many South Africans are interested in Web3 and crypto. It’s the future, dude! But those scams, man, they’re holding people back. Gotta be careful and do our due diligence. Also, the market can get really cray-cray, right? Volatility is not for the faint-hearted. But hey, the technology is here, and it’s gonna change everything, bro! Let’s go!

TechGeek42 July 3, 2023 - 3:36 am

Woah, didn’t expect such a high level of awareness about Web3 among South Africans. Impressive! It’s great to see that 80% believe in the transformative power of crypto tech. However, those scams really need to be addressed to encourage more people to dive into the crypto world. Let’s hope for more stability in the market and continued innovation!

FinanceWizard July 3, 2023 - 4:17 am

It’s fascinating to see the growing awareness of Web3 and cryptocurrencies among South Africans. The potential to transform the financial system is undeniable, and it’s encouraging that 80% recognize this. However, we can’t overlook the significant challenges posed by scams and market volatility. Regulatory measures should be considered to protect investors and ensure market stability.


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