The data points to a remarkable day for the Bitcoin blockchain, with the minting of 411,511 Ordinal inscriptions this past Sunday, marking it as the second most productive day for inscriptions in history. Moreover, in the preceding week, Ordinal inscriptions made up a substantial 53.9% of all transaction activity on the Bitcoin network.

Unprecedented Influence of Ordinals: Weekly Transactions on Bitcoin Characterized by 53% Inscriptions

Moving to 8:15 a.m. Eastern Time on Monday, August 21, 2023, the Bitcoin blockchain now hosts a considerable 25,620,164 Ordinal inscriptions. Only a day earlier, on Sunday, the network experienced a surge in the minting of Ordinals, reaching its second greatest volume with 411,511 inscriptions. The top spot still goes to July 30, 2023, when an unparalleled 422,164 inscriptions were minted in one day.

A Dappradar report that was published recently, claiming a 97% reduction in Ordinal inscription sales from their zenith, has ignited significant debate and dispute. An X user known as Trevor.btc has challenged its validity, referring to data from Dune Analytics and that depict a decline of 67% to 68%. Additionally, Trevor.btc lambasted the report for excluding BRC20 activity, a crucial component of the Ordinals inscription pattern.

As stated by Trevor.btc:

Ordinals did indeed experience a rapid hype cycle. Their volume is certainly down substantially from its peak. Could it decline further? Possibly. But does it matter? The Ordinals market operates no differently than any other emerging asset in this field, nor differently from what’s observed in other NFT ecosystems. These cycles ebb and flow.

Leonidas, a recognized NFT enthusiast and the founder of, has lately emphasized the considerable activity around Ordinal inscriptions. On Sunday, he observed, “Ordinals were responsible for 53.9% of Bitcoin’s activity this week. Ordinals transactions: 1,974,803. Bitcoin transactions: 3,660,831. The only individuals proclaiming that Ordinals are extinct are those who feel endangered by them.”

Recent information from Dune Analytics and indicates that out of the 612,461 transactions on the Bitcoin blockchain on August 20, approximately 411,511 were Ordinal inscriptions, amounting to 67.18% of all BTC transactions that day. Transitioning into August 21, more than 36,000 inscriptions have been documented. It’s also significant to note that the pending transaction count as of Monday is at 347,640 unconfirmed transactions, which is equivalent to a substantial 223 megabytes of block space awaiting clearance.

What are your thoughts on the prevalence of Ordinal inscriptions in Bitcoin transactions lately? Please share your insights and views on this topic in the comments section below.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about fokus keyword: Ordinal inscriptions

What is the significance of the Ordinal inscriptions in the Bitcoin blockchain?

The Ordinal inscriptions have marked a significant trend in the Bitcoin network, accounting for 53.9% of all transaction activity over a week, and even reaching 67.18% on August 20, 2023. This trend has sparked debates and discussions, and even controversies regarding the accurate assessment of the decline from their peak.

How many Ordinal inscriptions were minted on the second most prolific day, and when did this occur?

On Sunday, August 20, 2023, the Bitcoin network witnessed the minting of 411,511 Ordinal inscriptions, marking it as the second most productive day for inscriptions in history.

What is the disagreement about the decline of Ordinal inscription sales?

A recently published Dappradar report suggests a 97% drop in Ordinal inscription sales from their peak. However, an X user named Trevor.btc has questioned its accuracy, citing data that shows only a 67% to 68% decline. The controversy also revolves around the exclusion of BRC20 activity from the report, which Trevor.btc argues is an essential aspect of the trend.

What were the thoughts of NFT aficionado Leonidas on the Ordinal inscriptions?

Leonidas, the founder of, recently emphasized the considerable activity around Ordinal inscriptions, stating that they accounted for 53.9% of Bitcoin’s activity in a week. He remarked that those proclaiming Ordinals are dead are the ones who feel threatened by them.

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