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In a dramatic conclusion to a tumultuous period for Hodlnaut, the Singapore High Court has issued a directive for the cryptocurrency lending platform’s liquidation. The primary objective is to facilitate the reimbursement of its 17,000 clients. This legal decision comes in the wake of Hodlnaut’s involvement in the aftermath of Terra’s decline, which resulted in the company grappling with a staggering $193 million deficit.

Hodlnaut, a cryptocurrency lending platform, encountered difficulties when it suspended customer withdrawals in July 2022, citing deteriorating market conditions as the underlying cause. Subsequently, the company sought legal protection through judicial management in an attempt to salvage its operations. Court records unveiled the extent of Hodlnaut’s financial predicament, highlighting the susceptibility of cryptocurrency lenders to market volatility.

OPNX, with its questionable ties to the notorious Three Arrows Capital (3AC), proposed a takeover of Hodlnaut, offering $30 million worth of FLEX tokens. Nevertheless, Hodlnaut’s interim judicial administrators deemed the offer inadequate, primarily due to the illiquidity of the tokens. On November 10, 2023, Judge Aedit Abdullah declared Hodlnaut insolvent, necessitating its winding-up.

With liquidators now at the helm, Hodlnaut faces the intricate task of unwinding its operations. EY Corporate Advisors has issued a circular emphasizing the importance of transparency and regular updates for creditors throughout this process. Aaron Loh Cheng Lee, one of the appointed liquidators from EY, noted, “Addressing individual creditor inquiries separately may not be feasible or cost-effective. Instead, liquidators will consolidate their responses to creditor queries within their periodic updates to all potential creditors.”

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about liquidation

What led to Hodlnaut’s liquidation?

Hodlnaut’s liquidation was prompted by its financial troubles, which began when the platform suspended customer withdrawals in July 2022 due to worsening market conditions. This was compounded by the aftermath of Terra’s decline, resulting in a substantial $193 million deficit.

Who proposed a takeover of Hodlnaut?

OPNX, associated with Three Arrows Capital (3AC), proposed a takeover of Hodlnaut with an offer of $30 million in FLEX tokens. However, this offer was criticized by Hodlnaut’s interim judicial managers as inadequate, primarily due to the illiquidity of the tokens.

When was Hodlnaut ordered to wind up?

Hodlnaut was ordered to wind up on November 10, 2023, by Judge Aedit Abdullah after being declared insolvent by the Singapore High Court.

What is the approach of the liquidators in managing Hodlnaut’s assets?

The liquidators, as per EY Corporate Advisors, will prioritize transparency and provide regular updates to creditors. To streamline the process, they will consolidate their responses to creditor queries within their periodic updates to all potential creditors.

How many customers are expected to be reimbursed during Hodlnaut’s liquidation?

Hodlnaut’s liquidation is expected to reimburse approximately 17,000 customers who were affected by the platform’s financial troubles.

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