Anatoly Aksakov, a prominent lawmaker involved in the recent legislation on Russia’s new digital ruble, states that the innovative currency will enhance the efficiency of expenditure for both governmental and household budgets. He further detailed the unique benefits of this programmable central bank currency.

At the launch of Central Bank of Russia’s Digital Ruble, Payments to be Limited, Aksakov Anticipates

The digital ruble legislation, recently ratified in Russia, authorizes the Bank of Russia to regulate the use of its central bank digital currency (CBDC). The chairman of the Parliamentary Financial Market Committee, Anatoly Aksakov, anticipates the imposition of certain restrictions upon the CBDC’s debut.

The State Duma, Russia’s lower house of parliament, passed this law last week, which was subsequently approved by the Federation Council, the upper house of the Federal Assembly of Russia, on Wednesday. The legislation will become operative once it receives the signature of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

In a discussion with the Parlamentskaya Gazeta newspaper, Aksakov noted that the digital version of the Russian ruble will provide government authorities and the currency’s users with the ability to supervise how their money is expended by others via smart contracts.

“To illustrate, money given to a school-going child, with the stipulation that it be used solely for breakfast, books, or textbooks, can’t be spent otherwise. No matter how much the child wishes to utilize it for different purposes, it won’t be possible,” Aksakov clarified.

“In other words, the specific purpose for which parents allocate money to their child will be predetermined,” the legislator further commented. This indicates that children won’t be able to purchase unhealthy sweets with their parent’s digital rubles, as elucidated by the official publication of the Russian parliament.

Anatoly Aksakov highlighted that this same principle will be applicable for state money designated for specific programs. He is of the opinion that this will augment the effective use of budgetary funds. He is also convinced that businesses can leverage this programmable CBDC in their transactions.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Digital Ruble

What is the digital ruble and how does it work?

The digital ruble is Russia’s new central bank digital currency (CBDC), a form of fiat money in digital format. It allows for programmable features, such as smart contracts, to control spending and specify the purposes for which the money can be used.

Who is responsible for regulating the digital ruble?

The regulation and issuance of the digital ruble fall under the authority of the Central Bank of Russia.

What are the advantages of programmable central bank digital money?

Programmable CBDC offers various benefits, including efficient expenditure control for both government budgets and household finances. It enables the allocation of funds for specific purposes and restricts spending to predetermined activities.

How will the digital ruble affect children’s spending habits?

With the digital ruble’s programmable features, parents can control how their children spend the money allocated to them. For instance, they can ensure the funds are used solely for specific purposes like school-related expenses and prevent their children from spending on other items.

Can businesses benefit from the programmable digital ruble?

Yes, businesses can also take advantage of programmable CBDC in their transactions, allowing for more efficient and transparent financial operations.

When will the digital ruble be launched?

The digital ruble legislation has been recently adopted, and the launch date will be determined by the Central Bank of Russia after setting necessary restrictions and regulations.

What is the process for implementing smart contracts with the digital ruble?

Smart contracts are self-executing contracts with predefined conditions. The digital ruble’s programmable features will enable the integration of smart contracts, allowing for automated and secure transactions based on predetermined conditions.

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moneymaster July 21, 2023 - 11:36 pm

so, the digital ruble’s like a virtual version of real money? intresting. i wonder how it will work for large transactionz.

CryptoNerd101 July 22, 2023 - 12:27 am

programmable CBDC iz the future, it will make businessez more efficient, and govt can monitor spending better. excited to see it in action!


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