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Robert Kiyosaki, renowned for his bestselling book “Rich Dad Poor Dad,” has disclosed his rationale for persistently investing in gold, silver, and bitcoin. He cites a belief that U.S. leadership is inclined towards fostering “more war and poverty,” positioning these assets as bulwarks for “lifelong financial security and freedom.” His recent predictions for bitcoin’s value span a broad range, suggesting a potential rise to anywhere between $135,000 and $1 million.

Kiyosaki’s book, co-authored with Sharon Lechter in 1997, has achieved longstanding success, featuring on the New York Times Best Seller List for over six years and selling more than 32 million copies worldwide in various languages. On a social media platform, Kiyosaki emphasized his view that gold, silver, and bitcoin represent stable stores of wealth in the face of political and economic instability. He has consistently advocated for these assets, presenting them as prudent choices during uncertain times.

Furthermore, Kiyosaki advises a specific investment strategy, recommending that 75% of one’s portfolio be allocated to gold, silver, and bitcoin, with the remainder invested in real estate and oil stocks. This composition, he believes, could safeguard against what he terms the “greatest crash in world history.” Unlike stock pickers like Warren Buffett, Kiyosaki endorses a dollar cost averaging approach.

His bullish stance on bitcoin includes price predictions ranging from $135,000 in the short term to a staggering $1 million during a global economic crisis. Similarly, he forecasts significant increases in the values of gold and silver under such circumstances. Recently, he predicted bitcoin reaching $500,000 by 2025, with corresponding rises in gold and silver prices.

Kiyosaki has also been vocal about his skepticism towards traditional financial markets and fiat currency. He anticipates a rush towards bitcoin as conventional markets face downturns, labeling fiat currency as “fake money.” His warnings extend to the real estate, stock, and bond markets, cautioning about their potential crashes, especially in the context of rising interest rates by the Federal Reserve, which he believes could detrimentally impact the U.S. dollar.

This overview encapsulates Kiyosaki’s perspective on why he continues to invest in gold, silver, and bitcoin. His views, combining financial advice with economic predictions, offer insights into his investment philosophy and expectations for future market trends.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Robert Kiyosaki Investment Strategy

Why does Robert Kiyosaki keep buying gold, silver, and bitcoin?

Robert Kiyosaki continues to invest in gold, silver, and bitcoin due to his belief that these assets offer financial security and freedom, especially as he perceives U.S. leaders as fostering more war and poverty. He views these investments as stable and prudent in uncertain economic times.

What are Robert Kiyosaki’s recent predictions for bitcoin’s price?

Kiyosaki has made a range of bullish predictions for bitcoin, estimating its value could rise from $135,000 in the near term to as high as $1 million in the event of a global economic crisis. He also foresees significant increases in the value of gold and silver in similar scenarios.

What investment strategy does Robert Kiyosaki recommend?

Kiyosaki recommends allocating 75% of an investment portfolio to gold, silver, and bitcoin, with the remaining 25% in real estate and oil stocks. He believes this strategy could help investors weather what he terms the “greatest crash in world history.”

What is Robert Kiyosaki’s outlook on traditional financial markets and fiat currency?

Kiyosaki is skeptical about traditional financial markets and fiat currency, predicting a rush to bitcoin as stock, bond, and real estate markets crash. He describes fiat money as “fake” and anticipates that rising interest rates by the Federal Reserve could crash the U.S. dollar.

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David Jackson November 12, 2023 - 12:33 pm

interesting take on the fed reserve, didn’t think about how interest rates could crash the dollar, food for thought!

Markus Lee November 12, 2023 - 1:03 pm

Gold at 75,000$?? thats insane, but then again Kiyosaki knows his stuff, gotta give him that.

Sarah O'Conner November 12, 2023 - 6:09 pm

im not sure I agree with all this. Seems like putting all eggs in one basket with gold and bitcoin.

Jenny Smith November 13, 2023 - 5:14 am

wow, Kiyosaki really sees things differently huh, never thought about bitcoin this way before…

Emily Nguyen November 13, 2023 - 7:31 am

I read Rich Dad Poor Dad, but this is a whole new level, Kiyosaki always surprises with his predictions, lets see if they come true.


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