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On the 26th of November, 2023, fortune smiled upon an individual solo miner who achieved an extraordinary feat by unearthing block 818,588, which contained the verification of an impressive 4,193 transactions. This remarkable achievement bestowed upon the miner a grand total of 6.887 BTC, encompassing the 6.25 BTC subsidy and accompanying transaction fees.

The Triumph of a Solo Miner: A Meager 2 PH/s Hashrate Yields Significant Rewards

This event, echoing a similar incident towards the end of October, featured a miner affiliated with Solo Ckpool, successfully navigating the mining process to claim the block. It is important to note that Solo Ckpool distinguishes itself by empowering independent miners, affording them the privilege of retaining the entirety of the block reward—a privilege not typically extended by other mining pools.

Block 818,588, the subject of this accomplishment, was indeed discovered by a solo miner from Solo Ckpool on the aforementioned date.

Con Kolivas, the vigilant developer overseeing Solo Ckpool, offered his perspective on this remarkable occurrence. He underscored the exceptional nature of the event, emphasizing that a miner of this magnitude would, on average, encounter such a triumph only once every five years. This sentiment underscores the sheer stroke of luck that favored this particular miner on this occasion.

To put this accomplishment into context, it is essential to consider the colossal hashpower of the Bitcoin network, which currently stands at an awe-inspiring 488 exahash per second (EH/s), equivalent to a staggering 488 quintillion hashes per second. In stark contrast, the solo miner’s contribution, totaling 2 PH/s, or 2 quadrillion hashes, represents an astonishingly minute 0.0004% of the overall hashpower exhibited by the network. This glaring juxtaposition serves as a poignant testament to the improbability of their success.

In conclusion, the solo miner’s astonishing discovery of a block, despite wielding a comparatively minuscule hashrate, has undoubtedly ignited discourse within the cryptocurrency community. It serves as a testament to the unpredictability and unique nature of the blockchain mining process. We invite you to share your thoughts and insights on this captivating subject matter in the comments section below.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Bitcoin Solo Miner Success

Q: How did the solo miner manage to secure a Bitcoin block reward with just 2 PH/s of hashrate?

A: The solo miner’s success was indeed exceptional. Despite having a meager 2 PH/s hashrate, they were fortunate enough to discover block 818,588, containing 4,193 transactions. This achievement resulted in a substantial reward of 6.887 BTC, which included the 6.25 BTC subsidy and transaction fees. Such success is extremely rare and can be attributed to the miner’s sheer luck in the mining process.

Q: What is Solo Ckpool, and how does it differ from other mining pools?

A: Solo Ckpool is a mining pool designed to support independent miners. Unlike many other mining pools where rewards are shared among participants, Solo Ckpool allows individual miners to retain the entire block reward. This unique feature provides solo miners with an opportunity to receive substantial rewards for their mining efforts.

Q: Can you provide context on the Bitcoin network’s total hashpower?

A: Certainly. The Bitcoin network’s total hashpower stands at an astonishing 488 exahash per second (EH/s), which translates to an impressive 488 quintillion hashes per second. In comparison, the solo miner’s contribution of 2 PH/s, or 2 quadrillion hashes, represents a mere 0.0004% of the network’s collective hashpower. This vast difference underscores the rarity of their success in securing a block reward.

Q: What is the significance of this solo miner’s achievement within the cryptocurrency community?

A: The solo miner’s remarkable success, despite their limited hashrate, has sparked significant discussion within the cryptocurrency community. It serves as a testament to the unpredictability and uniqueness of the blockchain mining process. This achievement showcases that, in the world of cryptocurrency, even miners with modest resources can achieve extraordinary outcomes through sheer luck and persistence.

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