Sunday, September 24, 2023

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by Miguel Lopez 0 comment

Force-investment hack hits Rodeo Finance, an Arbitrum-based protocol, stealing $1.7M initially. Recovery efforts underway.

by Miguel Lopez 6 comments

Web3 industry suffers $656M losses in H1 2023 due to hacking, phishing, and rug pulls, according to Beosin Web3 report.

by Giovanni Russo 0 comment

Over 100,000 compromised ChatGPT accounts discovered on the dark web, revealing the growing trend …

by Jamal Al-Farouq 3 comments

Atomic Wallet Hack: Minimal impact on users as investigations continue. Stolen funds traced and …

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by Kofi Mensah 0 comment

Arkham reveals Coinbase’s $25B Bitcoin stash, rivaling Nakamoto’s 1M coins. Uncover crypto’s power players.

by Ahmed Ali 0 comment

Exploring FTX Claims Market: Distressed-debt giants seize opportunities for huge returns in the cryptocurrency turmoil.

by Kofi Mensah 0 comment

Title: Court Grants Extension to Justin Sun and Rainberry Amid SEC AllegationsIn an ongoing legal battle initiated by the …

by Hideo Nakamura 0 comment

Extension of Mt Gox Repayment Timeline: Creditors to Wait for BTC, BCH, and Yen Disbursements Until 2024In a recent …

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