In an innovative move, Japanese tech and finance giants have forged a new era in virtual technology by creating the Japan Metaverse Economic Zone (JMEZ). This groundbreaking development uses a platform called Ryugukoku to allow users to roam an online world populated by avatars and share their technology, transforming digital lives. The creation of the Japan Metaverse Economic Zone is the latest step forward in this rapidly evolving sector and promises to bring numerous advances and benefits to all who inhabit it.

Exploring a New Digital World

Japan has gone big on its metaverse ambitions with the launch of a major Metaverse Economic Zone in Japan. This project is spearheaded by several Japanese tech and finance companies, including SoftBank, Rakuten, and NTT DoCoMo. The venture is called the Japan Metaverse Economic Zone, or Ryugukoku in Japanese.

This initiative aligns with the idea of “updating Japan through the power of games” promoted by Web3 advisor Hajime Tabata. It’s goal is to create an immersive 3D environment combining both virtual and augmented reality. This virtual world will enable users to interact with each other through avatars, shop, play games, and explore scenery.

The Ryugukoku metaverse will be powered by the Pegasus World Kit, a tool that enables companies to build their own metaverse spaces. Developed by JP Games, this kit provides many features like voice recognition, audio engineering, facial expressions, and environmental animations. All of these features combined will allow people to create a truly realistic virtual experience.

Other tools available in the toolkit include navigation tools such as waypoints and map displays for navigation between locations or events, real-time character controllers for customizing avatars within the virtual space, and event systems for managing interactions with robots in the game world.

All in all, this project marks a significant milestone for Japanese tech and finance industry as it embarks on its journey into the new world of metaverses. With the launch of the Japan Metaverse Economic Zone, this industry will be able to provide users from across the globe with a more immersive digital experience while enabling them to participate in activities such as shopping online or playing games with their friends.

Japan Metaverse Economic Zone
Japan Metaverse Economic Zone

Transformation of Digital Lives

The Japan Metaverse Economic Zone initiative will be built on Ryugukoku, a virtual world made up of metaverses like cities. The metaverses function as an area for digital stores, entertainment venues, and various other activities created by private companies.

Leading up to the launch of this initiative, several tech companies have been hard at work providing features for it. For instance, the Multi Magic Passport allows users to establish digital identities and move personal data between metaverses. It also acts as a form of payment when users make purchases in the different worlds.

Two major tech firms, DMM Games and GREE, are collaborating with TBT Lab in creating the Multi Magic Passport tool. This provides a safe and secure infrastructure for users in the metaverse, giving them an added layer of security when participating in activities there.

The launch of this initiative presents an opportunity for other companies to expand their businesses and services in the virtual world. Businesses around the world can take advantage of this new platform to offer goods and services online and reach out to more potential customers. They also gain access to valuable analytics that can help inform their decision-making process so they can better optimize their products and services.

With the launch of the Japan Metaverse Economic Zone, Japanese tech and finance industry is leading the way forward by introducing a new innovative platform that can open up new possibilities not just for businesses but for people living in the country. As the sector continues to expand, we may see more creative developments emerge from this venture that could transform how we interact with our digital lives.

The launch of the Japan Metaverse Economic Zone is a testament to the country’s ambition to become a world leader in the tech and finance industry. This new initiative allows businesses and individuals to capitalize on the potential of the digital world, and to further explore the possibilities of a digital transformation. With the support of technology giants and financial powerhouses, Japan has the capacity to establish itself as a top contender in the global market. With its newfound potential, Japan is sure to remain a leader in the digital space for years to come.


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