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Blockchain-Powered Mobile Networks Revolutionize Data Security — World Mobile CEO

According to Micky Watkins, the CEO of World Mobile, a blockchain-powered decentralized network offers unparalleled data security and ownership compared to conventional telecom operators. The flexibility of this decentralized network enables quick scaling and adjustments to meet user demand, resulting in more reliable connections for users.

Watkins emphasized that World Mobile’s mission to bring internet access to the masses through innovative technologies is akin to past efforts by tech giants like Google and Facebook. However, he clarified that World Mobile sees these giants as collaborators rather than competitors.

Explaining the company’s infrastructure model and blockchain technology, Watkins highlighted how World Mobile overcomes the scalability challenge. He pointed out that individuals and subscribers can actively contribute to securing the network by acquiring or hosting nodes.

When asked about the advantages of a decentralized wireless network over traditional carriers, Watkins stressed that once users understand the benefits of World Mobile’s approach, the choice becomes clear. Notably, the reduced operating costs are passed on to customers, making data bundles almost 50% cheaper than the average in regions like Zanzibar. Moreover, integrating blockchain technology provides users with enhanced data security and ownership, protecting their information from being exploited by telecom giants.

Regarding World Mobile’s infrastructure, Watkins revealed that they have developed the World Mobile Chain, a Proof-of-Stake network sidechained to Cardano. This chain processes network usage data and transactions, ensuring secure and transparent operations. Participants supporting the network, such as Airnode Owners, Hosts, and Earthnode Operators, are rewarded with the native utility token WMT.

Addressing the issue of scalability, Watkins explained that their unique infrastructure model and blockchain-powered sharing economy inherently support rapid expansion. World Mobile’s hybrid dynamic network, consisting of ‘Airnodes’ and ‘Aerostats,’ reduces deployment and maintenance costs, making it economically viable for under-connected regions.

World Mobile offers subscribers various ways to participate in the sharing economy and benefit from the network. They can own an Airnode, host one at their location, or actively contribute to network expansion through the Android application’s innovative ‘scan for points’ feature.

World Mobile has successfully completed field tests in multiple countries, demonstrating its capability to handle millions of users. Watkins reiterated that scalability is a built-in feature of their network, making it possible to provide affordable and reliable internet access to rural and underserved areas worldwide.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Blockchain-Powered Mobile Networks

What advantages do blockchain-powered mobile networks offer over traditional telecom operators?

Blockchain-powered mobile networks, like World Mobile, provide a much greater level of data security and ownership compared to traditional telecom operators. The integration of blockchain technology ensures that customer and transaction data is encrypted and immutable, protecting users’ information from exploitation by telecom giants. Additionally, the flexibility of the decentralized network allows for rapid scaling and adjustments to better reflect demand, resulting in more reliable connections for users.

How does World Mobile’s infrastructure differ from traditional mobile networks?

World Mobile’s infrastructure utilizes a hybrid dynamic network consisting of ‘Airnodes’ and ‘Aerostats.’ Airnodes range from small wifi-hotspots to Aerostats, which act as telecommunications towers in the sky, covering a wider area than traditional cell towers. This innovative approach significantly reduces rollout and maintenance costs, making it economically viable to provide internet access in under-connected regions. Additionally, the network is built on blockchain technology, enabling transparent and secure operations.

How can individuals and subscribers participate in World Mobile’s network?

World Mobile offers various ways for individuals and subscribers to participate in the network’s sharing economy. They can choose to buy an Airnode, which allows them to connect their community or unconnected communities around the world. Alternatively, they can become Airnode hosts, where they host an Airnode at their location or connect to a host in a different part of the world. Both Airnode owners and hosts earn a share of the revenue when mobile users connect to their Airnodes. Additionally, World Mobile’s Android application allows users to actively contribute to network expansion and earn rewards.

How does World Mobile handle scalability to provide internet access to rural and underserved areas?

Scalability is a built-in feature of the World Mobile network. Their unique infrastructure model, combined with blockchain-powered technology, enables rapid expansion wherever there is demand. The hybrid dynamic network, along with the incentive-driven sharing economy, ensures cost-effective and efficient deployment and operation of distributed infrastructure. This approach allows World Mobile to offer affordable and reliable internet access to rural and underserved areas worldwide.

How does World Mobile collaborate with technology giants like Google and Facebook?

World Mobile does not see technology giants like Google and Facebook as competitors but rather as collaborators. While these giants have made efforts to bring internet connectivity to the unconnected using innovative technologies, World Mobile’s approach complements their efforts. For instance, World Mobile utilizes Starlink as a backhaul to provide connectivity in rural locations, making them allies in the quest to connect the unconnected.

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