Monday, May 29, 2023

After the recent Bitcoin Cash upgrade, over 1,300 “fungible tokens” (meaning all tokens are equal and interchangeable) and 25,000+ “non-fungible tokens” (unique, one-of-a-kind tokens) have been created. You can explore these new tokens through or, unlocking their full potential!

Creating Tokens Easier Than Ever with Bitcoin Cash’s Cashtokens

On May 15, 2023, Bitcoin Cash supporters achieved something special with their expected yearly upgrade. They are now able to create tokens and complete payments using the Bitcoin Cash blockchain. This process is called Cashtokens, and it verifies every token transaction with the BCH network as well as with conventional money activities.

Lots of wallets have started using something called Cashtokens and people can find the best ones on a website called Nikita Zhavoronkov, an expert in this area, recently shared his experience with Cashtokens. He said it had been really exciting to use them for the last day.

On May 16, 2023 at 1:30 pm Eastern Time explorer showed that the Bitcoin Cash blockchain was used to create both fungible tokens and non-fungible tokens.

Zhavoronkov explained what makes Cashtokens better than contracts made on other blockchains. His key point was that Cashtokens require lower fees and have different qualities than Ethereum’s ERC20s, so developers should rethink any expectations they had.

Something special about ERC-1155 is that you can both send fungible tokens and some NFTs within the same ‘output.’ That’s what Zhavoronkov said. On top of that, things like ‘contracts’ or ‘token ids’ are now called ‘categories.’ To finish it off, a structure similar to something known as ‘UTXO model’ is used for transferring tokens, and there’s Metadata Registry to be used for knowing more about token details.

Zhavoronkov recommends that people who use Bitcoin Cash investigate Cashtokens. He said the explorer is great, since it’s fast, private, and open-source with lots of features for developers and analysts. Plus there’s which is a good place to learn about Cashtokens and view related transactions.

Since the upgrade happened in Bitcoin Cash at block 792,772, a lot of people are creating tokens, called Cashtokens. According to explorer, over 1,300 similar tokens and 25,000 different tokens were made in the past day – this shows that more and more people are making their own tokens using the Bitcoin Cash blockchain.

Cashtokens are growing really fast, so what do you think about them and how they affect the Bitcoin Cash universe? Tell us in the comments section below your ideas and any token-making experiences you might have.


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