Friday, June 2, 2023, a company that provides cryptocurrency products and learning, is making it easier to use its wallet with the help of HAPI’s service. It also has the HAPI token on its Verse DEX which lets users trade USDC for HAPI tokens. Users can get rewards when they put their liquid pool tokens into the farm at and HAPI. Wallet and Verse DEX have teamed up with HAPI Protocol to make their security better. They are also introducing a new kind of investment program on the Verse DEX platform that is designed to help it grow even more.

The HAPI Protocol has been added to the Wallet and can warn users if an address they want to use has done anything suspicious in the past. This helps users stay safe when using their wallets, with 11,000 warnings already being sent out. are looking at adding it to Verse DEX too, so that everyone who uses it will be given protection against any risky activities.

HAPI is a special system that collects data from several sources that are known to be reliable, like Chainalysis. It rewards people who use its service by giving out HAPI tokens and everyone can see and use it. and HAPI are teaming up to bring users of more secure access to financial opportunities. Eugen Pshenychkin, the CEO of HAPI, said this partnership shows how important it is to work together on creating economic freedom for everyone. Wallet, Verse DEX, VERSE token and HAPI’s security system join up together to let you enjoy the benefits of decentralized finance with safe protection and make it easier for you to become financially independent.

Dennis Jarvis, CEO of, thinks this partnership is important. He says it will make their Wallet more secure, and give their users new ways to earn rewards from the Verse DEX. By doing things to get those rewards, people are helping the growth of decentralized networks which support economic freedom. This partnership shows’s commitment to these goals. wants to give people economic freedom and they can do this by having other projects partner with them and launch farms on Verse DEX. To join, applications are available now! On top of that, anyone can start earning high rewards on the Verse DEX right away – just click here to find out how! For more information about HAPI Protocol and some instructions to get started, head here.

HAPI is an incredibly powerful tool designed to help protect the blockchain from bad intentions. It takes in useful data from different sources and then helps identify people or accounts that are trying to do something wrong. It can tell us about those folks, but it also has special features for trading digital coins and decentralized finance applications like smart contracts. CryptokenTop is a site that leverages HAPI to help keep people safe when buying and trading online. is helping people make more money with no cap on the possibilities. has been teaching people about cryptocurrency for over 6 years now. It does that by giving free educational material and providing up-to-date news, as well as easy-to-use products for buying, spending, trading, investing, and earning with crypto.

VERSE is an rewards and utility token for those who use It was created in December 2022 to let people use decentralized finance, so that everyone can get a bit of financial freedom.


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