Arkham Intelligence, a preeminent firm in cryptocurrency analytics, disclosed details about Grayscale’s Onchain Bitcoin Trust holdings on Wednesday. This announcement follows a similar disclosure made by Arkham regarding Grayscale’s onchain Ethereum assets just six days prior.

Arkham Intelligence Unveils Grayscale’s $16 Billion Onchain Bitcoin Portfolio

Arkham Intelligence has precisely identified and labeled the onchain bitcoin holdings of Grayscale. The disclosure was made through a post on X (formerly known as Twitter), drawing attention to an earlier Grayscale post that came in the wake of FTX’s financial turbulence and the growing emphasis on proof-of-reserve audits. While Grayscale had confirmed that its Bitcoin holdings were securely managed by Coinbase, specific onchain addresses had not been revealed.

On the stated Wednesday, Arkham clarified that Grayscale ranks as the second-largest holder of Bitcoin, commanding a portfolio worth over $16 billion. According to Arkham, Grayscale’s Bitcoin Trust is diversified across more than 1,750 unique addresses, with none holding more than 1,000 BTC. Arkham Intelligence also furnished a link, enabling interested parties to delve into the details of Grayscale’s extensive Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency holdings on their platform.

Arkham Intelligence’s Onchain Visualization of Grayscale’s Bitcoin Holdings

The shared link offers a visualization of Grayscale’s sizable $16 billion Bitcoin portfolio, further enhanced by almost $5 billion in Ethereum (ETH). In addition, Grayscale holds $1.86 million in Chainlink (LINK), 1.74 million in Polygon (MATIC), along with a limited assortment of other alternative cryptocurrencies. Cumulatively, Grayscale’s asset value eclipses $20.9 billion, according to current cryptocurrency exchange rates, with Bitcoin and Ethereum constituting the majority of these holdings.

However, it’s worth noting that Arkham Intelligence is not the first entity to compile data on Grayscale’s Bitcoin assets. An OXT researcher identified as “Ergo” had previously exhibited details concerning Grayscale’s Bitcoin Trust in an X thread. This revelation by Ergo occurred subsequent to Grayscale’s public declaration of its reserves following the FTX incident. Ergo also traced funds that were custodied by Coinbase, designating over 600,000 BTC as part of Grayscale’s assets. According to the latest data from Arkham, Grayscale’s current Bitcoin balance is approximately 627,779 BTC.

We invite readers to share their perspectives and viewpoints on Arkham Intelligence’s disclosure of Grayscale’s Bitcoin Trust onchain holdings in the comments section below.


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