According to the latest data spanning a week, there has been a nominal decline of 1.18% in non-fungible token (NFT) sales compared to the previous week, totaling $107.05 million. This drop came despite a remarkable 86.71% surge in the number of buyers and a substantial 34.66% increase in NFT transactions.

Digital Collectible Sales Show Slight Reduction

In the past week, NFT sales have marginally receded, falling 1.18% from the preceding week. Of the $107.05 million in NFT sales, a considerable 61% or $65.86 million was facilitated through the Ethereum blockchain.

Moreover, sales of NFTs based on Ethereum grew by 7.41% from the week before. Solana was next in line after Ethereum, recording sales of approximately $9.64 million, a 4.8% increase.

Following Solana, Polygon registered sales of $8.41 million, and Mythos was close behind with $6.30 million. Next were Immutable X at $4.55 million, BNB Chain at $4.46 million, Bitcoin’s $2.62 million, and Flow at $1.46 million.

These eight blockchains collectively made up an overwhelming 96.49% of NFT sales this week. The best-performing NFT collection of the week was Degods, garnering $6.59 million. Dmarket was a close second with roughly $6.25 million, and Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) secured third place with sales reaching $5.43 million.

Leading NFT Collections as Listed by

The top three collections were followed by Gods Unchained, Draftkings, Sorare, Mutant Ape Yacht Club (MAYC), Wreck League, The Captainz, and Cryptopunks. Combined, these ten leading NFT collections accounted for a significant $38.73 million, constituting 36.17% of the entire week’s sales.

Last week’s most distinguished sale was Autoglyph #490, capturing the top position with a sale price of $287,331 just four days prior. Cryptopunk #7107 came next, bringing in $114,198 on August 18, while Cryptopunk #5342 trailed closely, achieving $110,877 on the same day.

Worth mentioning, the subsequent two highest NFT sales also featured Cryptopunks—with #3306 and #557 each surpassing the $100K threshold. Completing the top six was Fidenza #829, sold for $106,350 on August 17. Together, these six NFTs accumulated a remarkable $833,509.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about fokus keyword: NFT sales

What was the percentage decline in NFT sales in the past week?

The non-fungible token (NFT) sales experienced a slight decline of 1.18% from the previous week.

Which blockchain dominated the NFT sales for the week?

Ethereum dominated the NFT sales, with $65.86 million originating from this blockchain, accounting for 61% of the total sales.

How much did the top-performing NFT collection amass in sales?

The top-performing NFT collection of the week, Degods, garnered $6.59 million in sales.

What were the notable increases in the number of buyers and transactions for NFTs?

There was a noteworthy rise of 86.71% in the number of buyers and NFT transactions increased by a significant 34.66%.

What was the standout sale of the week?

The standout sale of the week was Autoglyph #490, clinching the top spot with a sale price of $287,331.

How much did the top ten NFT collections contribute to the week’s entire sales?

The top ten NFT collections contributed a substantial $38.73 million, making up 36.17% of the week’s entire sales.

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