Tuesday, June 6, 2023

Vishal Shah

by Hideo Nakamura
Vishal Shah

Vishal Shah is a cryptocurrency entrepreneur and investor from India. He is best known for founding 0x, a decentralized exchange protocol that enables Ethereum-based tokens to be traded in an open, peer-to-peer fashion. Prior to launching 0x, Vishal was the cofounder of Incrypto, an India-based blockchain technology company where he also served as its Chief Operating Officer.

In addition to his work with 0x and Incrypto, Vishal has been actively involved in other projects related to the cryptocurrency industry such as Dharma Protocol and NEAR Protocol. He has also been featured on various media outlets including CNBC’s Squawk Box Asia and Bloomberg TV India discussing topics related to crypto trading and investments.

Furthermore, he serves on the board of directors at MakerDAO Foundation which works towards developing decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs) using blockchain technology. As part of this role he helps oversee governance decisions made by MakerDAO’s stakeholders concerning how it operates its platform and interacts with users.

Overall, Vishal Shah is well recognized within the cryptocurrency community for his contributions towards building out infrastructure that supports cryptocurrencies worldwide while also providing advice regarding investments in this space through his media appearances

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