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Terra Ecosystem

by Hideo Nakamura
Terra Ecosystem

What is the Terra Ecosystem?

The Terra Ecosystem is a decentralized open-source blockchain platform that focuses on the development of innovative financial products and services for global users. It was created to provide an optimized, secure, and efficient blockchain infrastructure for powering distributed applications (dApps) in various industries. The project is powered by its native cryptocurrency – LUNA – which serves as an incentive layer for validators, who help keep the network running securely and efficiently. In addition to LUNA, there are several other tokens such as KRT, KRWb, cUSD, sUSD that are used within the ecosystem to facilitate transactions between users or to access specific services.

The main goal of Terra Ecosystem is to become a major payment system worldwide by providing low transaction fees and high speed transfers through its proof-of-stake consensus algorithm. It also aims at developing ecosystems with stablecoins pegged against fiat currencies like USD or EUR so that users can have more trust in their investments when trading cryptocurrencies. Additionally, it provides tools for developers looking to build dApps on top of its blockchain infrastructure while allowing them access to features such as smart contracts and advanced tokenization capabilities. Its platform has already attracted many partnerships from some well known companies including Samsung Pay & Kakao Pay among others.

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