Friday, September 29, 2023

Brad Garlinghouse, CEO of Ripple, has recently made claims against William Hinman, the former Director of the SEC Division of Corporation Finance, stating that he “received millions in payments” from his associated law firm. The law firm, in question, reportedly had a stake in a prominent 2018 speech Hinman delivered as a SEC official. Meanwhile, the crypto exchange EDX has made its debut, supported by an impressive lineup of traditional finance powerhouses including Charles Schwab, Citadel Securities, Fidelity Digital Assets, Paradigm, Sequoia Capital, and Virtu Financial, offering four cryptocurrencies. For more, keep reading News’ weekly roundup.

Brad Garlinghouse of Ripple Criticizes Former SEC Official William Hinman over ‘Millions in Payments’ from Law Firms

Brad Garlinghouse, the Ripple CEO, has been critical of the SEC’s approach to regulation after the unveiling of the Hinman documents. These documents contain internal discourse from before the infamous 2018 speech given by then SEC Division of Corporation Finance Director, William Hinman. Garlinghouse alleges that Hinman, whilst a public servant, received significant payments from his law firm, a claim rooted in the firm’s potential vested interest in Hinman’s speech.

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Crypto Exchange Backed by Schwab, Fidelity, and Citadel Begins Operations with Four Cryptocurrencies

A new cryptocurrency exchange, backed by industry leaders Charles Schwab, Citadel Securities, Fidelity Digital Assets, Paradigm, Sequoia Capital, and Virtu Financial, has initiated its operations following a successful funding round. The platform provides trading in four different cryptocurrencies.

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Valkyrie Funds Seeks SEC Approval with Application for Spot Bitcoin ETF

Valkyrie Funds, an asset management firm from Tennessee, submitted an application to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to launch a spot bitcoin ETF. The firm currently offers a bitcoin futures exchange-traded fund (ETF), a defi fund, and a bitcoin mining industry ETF.

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Economist Peter Schiff Predicts USD’s Decline Will Outpace Yellen’s Warnings, Expresses Concern Over Potential Financial Crisis

According to economist Peter Schiff, the impending decline of the U.S. dollar could potentially be “far greater” than what Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen anticipates. Schiff warned that such a decline could significantly impact our standard of living. Additionally, he emphasized that Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell appears to be quite concerned about the looming financial crisis but is cautious about causing panic in the markets.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about cryptocurrency

What did Brad Garlinghouse assert about the former SEC official William Hinman?

Brad Garlinghouse asserted that William Hinman “received millions of dollars of payments from his law firm,” which had a vested interest in a well-known 2018 speech given by Hinman as an SEC official.

Which traditional finance giants have backed the crypto exchange EDX?

The crypto exchange EDX has been backed by Charles Schwab, Citadel Securities, Fidelity Digital Assets, Paradigm, Sequoia Capital, and Virtu Financial.

What cryptocurrencies are available for trading on EDX?

EDX offers trading of four cryptocurrencies, although the specific cryptocurrencies are not mentioned in the given text.

Which asset manager filed an application for a spot Bitcoin ETF with the SEC?

Valkyrie Funds, a Tennessee-based asset manager, filed an application with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) for the launch of a spot Bitcoin ETF.

What are Peter Schiff’s predictions regarding the decline of the U.S. dollar?

Peter Schiff predicts that the decline of the U.S. dollar will be “far greater” than what Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen has warned, potentially leading to a significant impact on the standard of living. He also mentions that Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell is concerned about a potential financial crisis but does not want to cause market panic.

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CryptoEnthusiast22 June 26, 2023 - 1:01 am

ripple ceo brad garlinghouse is really fired up about that sec official william hinman getting million dollar payments from his law firm! seems like a big scandal in the making!

BitcoinFanatic99 June 26, 2023 - 3:05 am

valkyrie funds wants to launch a spot bitcoin etf? that’s awesome! finally, more options for bitcoin investors. hope they get that sec approval.

CryptoTrader007 June 26, 2023 - 3:22 am

wow, the new crypto exchange edx has some big guns behind it like charles schwab, citadel, and fidelity! gonna check it out and see if i can trade those cryptos they’re offering.

FinancialGuru23 June 26, 2023 - 3:44 am

peter schiff is always on point! he says the usd decline is gonna be way worse than what yellen thinks. and powell is worried about a financial crisis, but he doesn’t wanna freak out the markets. things are getting interesting!


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