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In an unprecedented operation, Venezuelan law enforcement agencies discovered a cache of military-grade weapons, a nightclub, swimming pools, an informal zoo, and an unauthorized Bitcoin mining operation within a state-run prison facility. The operation, conducted at the Tocoron National Penitentiary Center situated in the state of Aragua, involved a deployment of 11,000 military and police personnel to regain control of the facility.

Unconventional Items Including Bitcoin Mining Rigs Discovered in Venezuelan Prison Search

During an extensive search of a state-run prison on September 21, Venezuelan authorities unearthed Bitcoin mining equipment along with an assortment of anomalous items. A contingent of 11,000 military and police officers was engaged in the operation to reclaim the Tocoron National Penitentiary in Aragua state from the control of Aragua’s Train, a criminal organization that had been administering the facility.

A video recounting the outcome of the operation showed an unspecified quantity of Bitcoin mining rigs set up in a room that functioned as an illicit mining operation. Alongside this, law enforcement officials also seized military-grade armaments including rocket launchers, grenades, firearms, assorted ammunition, and even C4 explosives.

Additional peculiar items discovered within the facility included swimming pools, a nightclub where extravagant parties were hosted by inmates, a baseball stadium, and an impromptu zoo. Venezuelan journalist Rosibel Gonzalez reported that the complex also contained bicycles, ice-cream stalls, restaurants, and even a playground for children.

It has been announced by the authorities that over 1,600 prisoners will be relocated to other national penitentiary facilities, and the Tocoron center will subsequently be shut down.

Legitimate Venezuelan Bitcoin Miners Left in Limbo

Despite the illicit mining operation being run within the prison, officially registered Bitcoin miners are yet to receive any clarity, as Sunacrip, the Venezuelan cryptocurrency regulatory agency, has been in a standstill due to governmental intervention for over half a year.

Juan Blanco Bracamonte, a one-time Bitcoin miner who ceased his activities owing to the interruption of Sunacrip, raised several questions about the clandestine operation within the prison. He inquired:

Numerous queries come to mind for someone like me who was actively involved in digital mining up until this year. Who granted permission for this operation? Who was in charge of overseeing it? Into which digital wallet were the proceeds deposited? Who authorized the electricity supply? Was the cost of electricity accounted for?

Joselit Ramirez, the former head of Sunacrip, was taken into custody on allegations of participating in a corruption scheme exceeding $20 billion, which involved selling oil for cryptocurrencies in an attempt to evade economic sanctions. Since then, registered cryptocurrency mining farms have been disconnected from the electrical grid by the state-controlled power company, Corpoelec.

In a dialogue with Criptonoticias, Alejandro Blanco, legal advisor for Asonacrip, a national cryptocurrency association, asserted that these governmental actions jeopardize miners who “invested their savings, time, and expertise in adhering to existing legal frameworks.”

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Venezuelan prison raid

What items were discovered in the Venezuelan prison raid?

Military-grade weapons, a nightclub, swimming pools, an informal zoo, and an unauthorized Bitcoin mining operation were among the items discovered by Venezuelan authorities during the raid on the Tocoron National Penitentiary Center in Aragua state.

How many officers were involved in the prison raid?

A total of 11,000 military and police officers were mobilized to conduct the operation aimed at reclaiming control of the state-run prison facility from a criminal organization known as Aragua’s Train.

Were any Bitcoin mining activities discovered during the raid?

Yes, an unauthorized Bitcoin mining operation was discovered in a room that functioned as an illicit mining farm. However, the specific number of Bitcoin mining rigs present has not been disclosed.

Will the inmates be transferred to other facilities?

Yes, it has been announced by the authorities that more than 1,600 inmates from the Tocoron National Penitentiary will be relocated to other national penitentiary facilities.

What is the status of legitimate, registered Bitcoin miners in Venezuela?

Registered Bitcoin miners in Venezuela are currently in a state of uncertainty. Sunacrip, the Venezuelan cryptocurrency regulatory agency, has been inoperative due to governmental intervention for over six months, leaving official miners without clarity or guidelines.

Were any officials or officers harmed during the operation?

Yes, one officer lost his life in the line of duty during the course of the raid on the prison facility.

What will happen to the Tocoron National Penitentiary Center?

The authorities have announced that the Tocoron National Penitentiary Center will be closed down following the discoveries made during the raid and the subsequent transfer of inmates to other facilities.

What questions have been raised following the discovery of the Bitcoin mining operation?

Juan Blanco Bracamonte, a former Bitcoin miner, raised several questions including who authorized the illicit mining operation, who was in charge of managing it, and whether the electricity used for the operation was accounted for.

Who is Joselit Ramirez and why is he significant in this context?

Joselit Ramirez is the former head of Sunacrip, the Venezuelan cryptocurrency regulatory agency. He was arrested for alleged involvement in a corruption scheme exceeding $20 billion, related to selling oil for cryptocurrencies to evade economic sanctions.

What impact have these discoveries had on cryptocurrency regulations in Venezuela?

While it is too early to determine the full impact, the discoveries are likely to intensify scrutiny on cryptocurrency activities in Venezuela, especially considering the ongoing uncertainty around the regulatory framework due to Sunacrip’s inactivity.

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PatriotPete September 25, 2023 - 2:27 pm

Unbelievable, a zoo and military-grade weapons? Sounds like a movie plot, but its real life. smh

FinanceGuy September 25, 2023 - 6:35 pm

It says a lot about crypto’s reach when even prisons are mining bitcoin. Makes you wonder who else is in the game.

ConcernedCitizen September 26, 2023 - 12:06 am

With 11,000 officers involved, this isn’t a minor operation. Where was the oversight before all this happened?

JohnDoe123 September 26, 2023 - 12:56 am

Wow, this is insane! I can’t believe they found a whole Bitcoin farm in a prison. What’s going on over there?

LegalEagle September 26, 2023 - 4:38 am

If this doesn’t scream the need for regulation and oversight, I don’t know what does.

SkepticalSara September 26, 2023 - 5:17 am

how did they even get all that stuff in there? someone higher up must’ve known about it. Just can’t trust anyone these days.

GreenTechie September 26, 2023 - 6:16 am

If prisoners are running a bitcoin mining operation, imagine the carbon footprint! Not a great look for crypto.

VenezuelanLocal September 26, 2023 - 8:19 am

Its sad but not surprising. The state of our institutions reflects the state of our nation. Thx for covering this.

InfoJunkie September 26, 2023 - 9:18 am

Need to dig deeper into this. So many questions unanswered. Who authorized this? Where did the funds go? This is just the tip of the iceberg.

CryptoQueen September 26, 2023 - 10:18 am

That’s what happens when the government’s so messed up, even prisoners get into crypto mining. LOL


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