Friday, September 29, 2023

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by Hideo Nakamura 0 comment

Singapore-based announces suspension of its institutional services in the US due to limited demand in the cryptocurrency market.

by Miguel Lopez 5 comments

Former SEC Chief warns of regulatory siege on crypto platforms, urging investors to exit due to high risks and lack of oversight.

by Javier Hernandez 0 comment

Bitgo’s planned acquisition of Prime Trust strengthens its digital asset trust services, expanding its …

by Simon Ng 4 comments

Russian nationals accused of hacking Mt Gox and operating illegal crypto exchange BTC-e, stealing …

by Alexander Savenkov 0 comment

Robinhood delisting cryptocurrencies – Cardano, Solana, and Polygon – in response to regulatory pressure. …

by Kofi Mensah 5 comments

US Senator Bill Hagerty warns about SEC actions facilitating CBDC implementation, raising concerns over …

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by Miguel Lopez 3 comments

Binance has issued guidance to its customers utilizing Paysafe services for euro (EUR) transactions, following Paysafe’s suspension of euro …

by Giovanni Russo 9 comments

Meta Platforms unveils its AI chatbot, Meta AI, to compete with established players like ChatGPT. Announced at the Meta …

by Miguel Lopez 5 comments

Ripple Abandons Acquisition Plans for Fortress TrustIn a surprising turn of events, Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse has announced the …

by Hideo Nakamura 7 comments

This article discusses EBRD economist Beata Javorcik’s analysis on Russia’s increasing use of the Chinese yuan, challenging the U.S. …

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