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A heated conversation has sparked on Twitter about the potential resurrection of the failed FTX cryptocurrency exchange, referred to as FTX 2.0. Following the recent reports in late May about the new CEO’s efforts to revive the platform, Twitter users are showing their distinct positions. Skeptics are questioning the viability and ethics of the initiative, while supporters rally behind the notion of a fresh start for the exchange.

Debate Surrounding FTX Reboot Engulfs Twitter

Talks about a possible FTX reboot are rampant, despite the exchange’s previous catastrophic failure that resulted in bankruptcy. A well-known cryptocurrency enthusiast known as Flood, with over 216,000 followers, has stated his readiness to engage in discussions about “FTX 2.0”, but maintains a skeptical stance due to a lack of comprehensive information. Flood owns a significant amount of FTX and his doubts are echoed by other users.

The online community is buzzing with discussion following the recent revelations about the new CEO, John Ray III, attempting to devise a strategy to bring the collapsed cryptocurrency exchange back to life. Some users questioned the feasibility of FTX 2.0, given the drastic loss in the value of the token linked to its Automated Market Maker (AMM). Others were critical of the new leadership and its apparent attempts to save their positions.

In the wake of this debate, the question, “Will you trust FTX 2.0?” has been circulating, generating a variety of responses. Some users express a categorical lack of trust in the reboot, suspecting government interference. To further understand the public sentiment, a poll was created, attracting 547 participants by the morning of June 18, 2023.

Twitter Polls Show Mixed Views on FTX 2.0

An individual proposed a poll to gather objective data on public opinion about FTX 2.0. The poll sought to understand the views of both creditors and potential users of the revamped platform. The results revealed that almost half of the creditors were in favor of FTX 2.0, whereas a significant number were not interested in the relaunched version.

Notable cryptocurrency influencer Scott Melker, also known as the Wolf of All Streets, voiced his opposition on Twitter, stating that the reboot idea should be dropped due to the negative association between FTX and fraud. Other users, including Wayne Vaughan and Bruce Fenton, also shared their skepticism about the idea’s value.

Despite the division, there’s a vibrant group advocating for the FTX reboot. Some even display their support publicly by adding “FTX 2.0” to their Twitter names. A Twitter account named the “FTX 2.0 Coalition” has also surfaced, passionately promoting the resurrection of the fallen exchange.

The account shared polls that demonstrate substantial support for the reboot and claimed that the FTX brand has lasting potential. Furthermore, there are rumors that FTX 2.0 may operate offshore, outside the jurisdiction of the U.S.

Where do you stand on this contentious issue of FTX 2.0? We invite you to share your thoughts and perspectives on this topic below.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about FTX 2.0 Reboot

What is the debate on Twitter about?

The debate on Twitter is about the potential reboot of the failed FTX cryptocurrency exchange, referred to as FTX 2.0. Users are divided between skeptics, who question the feasibility and ethics of the revival, and supporters who advocate for a fresh start for the exchange.

Who is the new CEO of the FTX cryptocurrency exchange?

The newly appointed CEO of the FTX cryptocurrency exchange is John Ray III. He has been reported as the driving force behind the efforts to revive the failed exchange.

What is the role of the FTX 2.0 Coalition?

The FTX 2.0 Coalition is a Twitter account that has emerged amidst the debate, fervently advocating for the revival of the FTX cryptocurrency exchange. They share sentiment polls demonstrating widespread support for the reboot and make claims about the enduring potential of the FTX brand.

What are the rumors about FTX 2.0?

There are rumors that FTX 2.0 might operate as an offshore exchange, located outside the borders of the United States. However, as of now, these remain speculations without any confirmed information.

What were the results of the FTX 2.0 Twitter poll?

The Twitter poll about FTX 2.0 revealed a division in opinion. As of the morning of June 18, 2023, approximately 49.3% of creditors supported the reboot idea, while 11.7% opposed it. Additionally, 8.6% of respondents, not being creditors themselves, showed interest in using the proposed FTX 2.0. However, a significant 30.5% declared disinterest in the rebooted version.

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BTC4Life June 19, 2023 - 5:25 pm

FTX 2.0 Coalition be like “FTX brand strong!” Yeah right, strong in scamming people maybe. No thanks! #NoToFTXReboot


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