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Data compiled for the week covering October 14 to October 21, 2023, indicates a positive trajectory in the market for non-fungible tokens (NFTs), registering a growth of 12.62% compared to the preceding week. Activity from both buyers and sellers rose significantly—15% and 17%, respectively—resulting in a total transaction volume of approximately $70.51 million for NFTs.

NFT Market Revives After Consecutive Weeks of Decline

The market for NFTs experienced a revival this week, ending a continuous two-month decline in weekly transaction volumes. An estimated $70.51 million in NFT transactions were recorded, spanning various blockchains, with Ethereum leading the pack. Ethereum’s NFT trade volume for the week was $36.96 million, a 16.09% increase from the previous week, accounting for 52.41% of the total weekly NFT trade volume. Data for these statistics were sourced from the NFT aggregation platform,

Weekly NFT transaction volumes from October 14 to October 21, 2023, as per data collected by

Trailing Ethereum in NFT transaction volume were Mythos, with $9.54 million (representing a 5.61% increase), and Solana, with $6.69 million (marking a substantial 25.31% rise). Immutable X and Polygon rounded out the top five with $4.99 million and $3.86 million, respectively. Bitcoin secured the sixth position in this week’s NFT transaction volume rankings, recording $2.99 million in trades. The most profitable collection for the week was Mythos’ Dmarket, generating $9.48 million, closely followed by Gods Unchained, with $4.76 million in sales.

Leading NFT Collections of the Week

The Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) garnered $4.31 million in sales, while Winds of Yawana generated $3.57 million in NFT transactions. Sorare occupied the fifth position this week, recording sales amounting to $2.3 million. Over the span of this seven-day period, approximately 1,602,001 NFT transactions were documented, representing a 2.34% decline compared to the last week. The highest single NFT sale for the week was Cryptopunk #9611, which was sold for $250,556 two days prior. It was followed by a Cardano NFT called Cardanians Loyalty, purchased for $159,096.

An NFT from BNB’s Halmonious Realms fetched $50,000, and an uncategorized Ordinal inscription commanded a price of $30,463. The fifth-highest individual NFT sale of the week was a Solana-based digital collectible, Mad Lads #6041, which was acquired for $15,116. Despite the current positive trend in NFT sales, the sustainability of this upward momentum is yet to be determined. Currently, the vast majority of NFTs on the market are priced at 90% below their highest valuations.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about NFT sales resurgence

What is the key finding in NFT sales for the week of October 14-21, 2023?

The key finding is a 12.62% increase in NFT sales compared to the previous week, ending a two-month downturn in the market. The total NFT transaction volume for the week was approximately $70.51 million.

Which blockchain led in NFT sales for the specified week?

Ethereum led the NFT sales for the week with a transaction volume of $36.96 million. This accounted for 52.41% of the total weekly NFT trade volume.

How did buyer and seller participation change during this period?

Both buyer and seller participation saw an increase during the week. Buyer participation rose by 15%, and seller participation increased by 17%.

What other blockchains followed Ethereum in NFT sales?

Mythos and Solana followed Ethereum in NFT sales, recording transaction volumes of $9.54 million and $6.69 million, respectively. Immutable X and Polygon completed the top five, with Bitcoin taking the sixth spot.

Which NFT collections were the most lucrative during the week?

The most lucrative NFT collection was Mythos’ Dmarket, generating $9.48 million in sales. It was closely followed by Gods Unchained, with $4.76 million.

Were there any notable individual NFT sales?

The highest-grossing individual NFT sale was Cryptopunk #9611, which was sold for $250,556. It was followed by a Cardano NFT named Cardanians Loyalty, purchased for $159,096.

Despite the uptick, is the NFT market’s future secure?

Although the week showed a positive trend in NFT sales, the sustainability of this upward movement remains uncertain. Most NFTs are currently valued at 90% less than their peak prices.

How many NFT transactions were recorded during the week?

Approximately 1,602,001 NFT transactions were documented during the seven-day period, marking a 2.34% decline compared to the previous week.

What is the source of the data presented in the article?

The data were sourced from the NFT aggregation platform,

How do these figures compare to the previous week’s NFT sales?

The previous week did not experience such an uptick; in fact, there was a two-month slump in NFT sales prior to this week. The 12.62% increase is significant in reversing that trend.

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