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South Korea’s tax authorities have revealed that citizens have reported holding more than $98 billion worth of cryptocurrency assets in overseas accounts this year, amounting to approximately 131 trillion won. This significant sum comes in response to a new mandate from the Seoul government, which requires individuals and businesses to report their foreign financial assets.

A Record-Breaking Year for Overseas Asset Reporting

In 2023, South Koreans have declared a total of 186.4 trillion won in overseas assets, marking a substantial increase from the 64 trillion won reported in the previous year. This surge in reporting can be attributed to the National Tax Service’s (NTS) newly implemented regulations, as reported by Yonhap news agency.

Out of this reported wealth, cryptocurrencies constitute a significant portion, with a total value of 131 trillion won or $98.4 billion. Impressively, 1,432 companies and individuals have complied with the mandatory reporting requirement for their crypto assets held in foreign accounts.

Destination of Overseas Accounts

South Korean businesses predominantly favored the United States as their destination for overseas accounts, closely followed by Japan and Britain. For individuals, Singapore and Hong Kong ranked second and third, respectively, after the United States.

Cryptocurrency Holdings Pose Tracking Challenges

It’s worth noting that the breakdown of overseas accounts by country does not include cryptocurrency holdings. This omission is due to the inherent difficulty in accurately tracking the geographical location of digital assets held on various cryptocurrency trading platforms.

Obligatory Reporting and Consequences

Under current South Korean tax laws, citizens and legal entities with foreign financial accounts exceeding 500 million won (approximately $377,000) must report them to the authorities by June each year, regardless of the asset type. Failure to comply with this requirement can result in fines of up to 20% of the undisclosed amount.

Government’s Efforts to Boost Revenue

Despite delaying a 20% tax on capital gains from cryptocurrencies until 2025, the Seoul government is actively seeking ways to increase revenue from its citizens’ crypto holdings. Last autumn, officials revealed that they had seized crypto assets worth nearly 260 billion won (equivalent to $184 million at the time) due to unpaid taxes.

What Lies Ahead?

The question remains whether the amount of overseas crypto assets declared by South Koreans will continue to increase in the coming year. Share your insights in the comments section below.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Crypto Asset Reporting

Q: What prompted South Koreans to report their overseas crypto assets?

A: The South Korean government implemented mandatory reporting requirements for foreign financial assets, including cryptocurrencies, prompting individuals and businesses to disclose their holdings.

Q: What is the total value of overseas assets reported by South Koreans in 2023?

A: South Koreans have reported a record-breaking 186.4 trillion won ($98.4 billion) worth of overseas assets in 2023, with cryptocurrencies accounting for a significant portion of this amount.

Q: What are the consequences for South Koreans who fail to report their foreign financial accounts?

A: Failure to report foreign financial accounts exceeding 500 million won (approximately $377,000) can result in fines of up to 20% of the undisclosed amount.

Q: Which countries are the preferred destinations for overseas accounts held by South Korean businesses and individuals?

A: For businesses, the United States is the leading destination, followed by Japan and Britain. Individuals favor Singapore and Hong Kong, with the United States being the primary choice as well.

Q: How does the South Korean government plan to generate revenue from citizens’ crypto holdings?

A: While delaying a 20% tax on crypto-related capital gains until 2025, the government has been actively seizing crypto assets from individuals with tax arrears to increase its revenue.

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