Tuesday, June 6, 2023

SinVerse Studios, a game company that’s always looking for new and innovative ways to make games, has just gotten a really big investment from DWF Labs. This money will help SinVerse Studios keep growing and become the top games studio in the industry. The partnership between the two companies means that DWF Labs will be helping out SinVerse Studios with their plans for the future.

SinVerse Studios has created an awesome new game experience called the Mafia Metaverse, which is a lot like Grand Theft Auto. Since October 2021, this game has become really popular and lots of people are playing it. It’s even made over $3.5 million in revenue!

SinVerse Studios is about to make the gaming world even better with the help of DWF Labs. They’re creating a brand new type of gaming console called “The NFT Cube”, which will revolutionize how people play games.

Andrei Grachev, the Managing Partner of DWF Labs, said he is really happy to become a big investor and partner for SinVerse Studios. He said that he plans to use his money, skills, and experience to help them become even bigger in the gaming industry. DWF Labs has given SinVerse 18 months worth of development.

Rutherford Atayobo, the COO of SinVerse Studios, is really excited about their new partnership. He said that partnering up with a top player in the Web-3 world will help them become one of the biggest projects out there. He believes that this connection and support give them a great opportunity to succeed.

This new link between SinVerse Studios and DWF Labs is a really big moment for the world of Blockchain gaming. DWF Labs will give SinVerse Studios some very useful help so that it can keep growing until its value reaches about $375 billion, which is huge!

About SinVerse:

SinVerse is a new type of online game that has created waves in the gaming industry and is similar to the popular GTA franchise. It’s rapidly growing community and successful land sales show that it will be successful in the future, with help from DWF Labs who are making a unique gaming console called The NFT Cube. SinVerse also has its own currency called ‘SIN’ which works on Binance Smart Chain Blockchain and can be traded on several different platforms such as Kucoin, Gate.io, BitGet and MEXC Exchange.

DWF Labs is a company that specializes in digital assets and web3 investments. They offer services like token listing, market making, and trading solutions to help companies make bold decisions in the future of Web3.

DWF Labs is a business which trades with 2,000 different partners. It’s very popular and has customers in Singapore, Switzerland, South Korea, The British Virgin Islands (BVI) and the United Arab Emirates (UAE). This business is one of the top 5 on the world’s 40 biggest markets. They also have websites, social media accounts, marketing materials and more.

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Source of Images: Shutterstock, Pixabay, Wiki Commons


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