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In a recent conversation with the media, Shuji Utsumi, the co-Chief Operating Officer of Sega, elaborated on the company’s current view of blockchain gaming. For Sega, the area remains shrouded in ambiguity. Through a collaboration with Double Jump Tokyo, a company specializing in blockchain games, Sega aims to safeguard its intellectual properties while gaining insights into the development process of these emerging types of games.

Sega Views Blockchain Gaming as an Uncharted Territory

In a recent media interaction, co-COO Shuji Utsumi explained Sega’s perspective on the burgeoning field of blockchain games. This clarification comes on the heels of the impending release of Sangokushi Taisen, a game licensed by Sega and under development by Double Jump Tokyo, a firm that is both a blockchain gaming developer and a non-fungible token (NFT) solutions provider.

Addressing queries on the subject, Utsumi remarked:

The realm of blockchain gaming remains largely unexplored for us. Consequently, our approach is to secure what must be secured, while re-evaluating the aspects that need a fresh perspective.

This sentiment aligns with Utsumi’s prior comments, where he criticized play-to-earn models as “tedious.” The executive also indicated a shift in Sega’s blockchain strategy, including the discontinuation of internal projects developed with blockchain technology while maintaining a protective stance over their high-value franchises.

Nevertheless, Utsumi did acknowledge that lesser-known IPs could potentially be licensed to third-party entities. For instance, Sangokushi Taisen is viewed as an intellectual property that could find acceptance among fans in Japan and other Asian markets, while also synergizing well with blockchain technology.

An Industry in Transition

Utsumi stressed the importance of crafting blockchain-based gaming content that could serve as an entry point for users into this nascent field—much like how puzzle games did for the mobile gaming sector.

He commented:

In the context of blockchain games, new desires could emerge for players, such as ownership of digital assets and, in some instances, financial earnings. This signifies a pivotal transitional moment for the industry.

Further, Utsumi identified one of the challenges of blockchain gaming as the requirement for setting up digital wallets, emphasizing that games should offer the flexibility for users to establish these wallets at a later stage.

Despite Sega’s cautious stance, interest in blockchain gaming is on an upward trajectory. According to Dappradar’s Q3 Blockchain Gaming report, projects in this sector attracted $600 million in investments during the third quarter alone. Moreover, Dappradar’s data shows that, as of 2023, a staggering $2.3 billion has been invested in blockchain gaming initiatives.

What are your thoughts on Sega’s cautious approach towards blockchain gaming? We invite you to share your views in the comments section below.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Sega’s stance on blockchain gaming

What is the main subject of the article?

The article discusses Sega’s current perspective on the burgeoning field of blockchain gaming, as articulated by the company’s co-COO, Shuji Utsumi.

Who is Shuji Utsumi?

Shuji Utsumi is the co-Chief Operating Officer of Sega. He recently spoke about Sega’s approach to blockchain gaming in an interview.

What is Sega’s stance on blockchain gaming?

Sega considers blockchain gaming to be a largely unexplored domain. The company aims to protect its established franchises while cautiously exploring this new area, largely through partnerships with specialized companies like Double Jump Tokyo.

What is Sangokushi Taisen?

Sangokushi Taisen is a game licensed by Sega and developed by Double Jump Tokyo. It is considered an intellectual property that could find acceptance among fans in Japan and other Asian markets and could synergize well with blockchain technology.

How does Sega view play-to-earn models?

Shuji Utsumi has criticized play-to-earn models as “tedious” in past statements. Sega plans to discontinue in-house projects developed with blockchain technology that employ these models, focusing instead on protecting its high-value franchises.

What does Utsumi identify as a challenge in blockchain gaming?

One of the challenges identified by Utsumi is the necessity for players to set up digital wallets. He emphasizes that games should allow for the establishment of these wallets at a later stage to ease the entry into this gaming field.

What are the investment trends in blockchain gaming according to Dappradar’s report?

According to Dappradar’s Third Quarter Blockchain Gaming report, $600 million was invested in blockchain gaming projects during Q3. The data also shows that as of 2023, a total of $2.3 billion has been invested in these initiatives.

What does Utsumi say about the transitional phase of the industry?

Utsumi believes that the blockchain gaming industry is in a transitional phase. He suggests that new desires, such as the ownership of digital assets and the potential for financial earnings, could emerge for players in this context.

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IndieDev_Jake October 17, 2023 - 7:36 pm

$2.3 billion invested in 2023 alone? Thats insane! The industry’s def changing, and it’s high time big names like Sega take notice.

CryptoQueen October 18, 2023 - 12:20 am

Utsumi’s spot on about the challenges, especially the wallet part. If they simplify that, they’ll get more ppl on board for sure.

John_Gamer October 18, 2023 - 2:30 am

sega and blockchain, now thats a combo I didn’t expect. But hey, if they can pull it off and make blockchain games more mainstream, why not.

Mike_Digital October 18, 2023 - 5:03 am

Man, if Sega’s being cautious, then you know blockchain gaming is still kinda wild west. they gotta protect their big titles tho, makes sense.

SaraInTech October 18, 2023 - 9:22 am

Really interesting read! I’m curious to see where Sega ends up in the blockchain space. They got a lot to consider, investment wise and fanbase wise.

Tom_Analyst October 18, 2023 - 4:01 pm

A cautious approach may be the smart move here. I mean, if blockchain gaming is pulling in $2.3 billion, its not going anywhere. But you gotta tread carefully.


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