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MicroStrategy’s founder, Michael Saylor, suggests that regulators don’t see a feasible future for various cryptocurrencies, including stablecoins, crypto securities, and tokens. Speaking with Bloomberg on Tuesday, he posited that the crypto industry is set to evolve significantly, becoming predominantly Bitcoin-focused, with only a select few proof-of-work tokens surviving.

Saylor Indicates Regulators Have Little Fondness for Stablecoins, Crypto Securities, and Tokens

On June 13, during a Bloomberg interview, MicroStrategy’s founder and chairman, Michael Saylor, discussed the recent regulatory clampdown on exchanges. Saylor reinforced that since 2020, MicroStrategy has maintained its stance that Bitcoin (BTC) is the solitary “institutional-grade investable asset” in the crypto arena. He emphasized Bitcoin’s global acceptance as a digital commodity, suggesting that regulators are not optimistic about the prospects of other cryptocurrencies.

“Regulators are not fond of crypto derivatives,” Saylor stated, “Nor do they have a favorable view of crypto tokens. And their perspective on crypto exchanges is extremely limited. They believe that crypto exchanges should trade and store pure digital commodities like Bitcoin. Hence, the entire industry is seemingly destined to evolve into a Bitcoin-centric sector, possibly with a handful of other proof-of-work tokens remaining.”

A recent News report highlighted an interesting fact: If MicroStrategy had chosen to invest in Ethereum (ETH) rather than Bitcoin (BTC), they would have seen a profit increase of over 50% rather than a decline of 14%. However, this fact likely bears little relevance to Saylor, who remains staunch in his company’s significant wager on their hefty hoard of 140,000 bitcoins. During the Bloomberg conversation, Saylor stated his belief that the public is gradually recognizing that “Bitcoin is the next Bitcoin.” He went on to suggest that Bitcoin’s logical trajectory is to increase its value tenfold repeatedly.

Saylor Forecasts Resurgence in Bitcoin Dominance to 80%, Some Disagree That Regulation Is the Path Forward

Saylor firmly believes that crypto exchanges will come to acknowledge Bitcoin’s supremacy, assuring them that their business models will stay intact even as “Bitcoin’s value multiplies by 10.” Looking to the future, he anticipates a revival in Bitcoin dominance, pushing it back towards the elusive 80% level not seen since 2017. He underscored the role of regulatory clarity in driving the industry’s progress and reducing the uncertainty and apprehension he sees as barriers for institutional investors.

“Regulatory clarity will spur Bitcoin adoption,” Saylor asserted.

Not everyone agrees with Saylor’s views, as they have sparked diverse responses. Critics argue that utilizing state power to protect Bitcoin (BTC) from free-market competition is not the best way forward. One individual noted that the regulations Saylor supports would have prevented Satoshi from creating Bitcoin, saying, “You have become everything Satoshi was opposing.” Another person suggested that regulation could make it easier for governments to seize wealth, simplifying it as “enhancing the government’s ability to confiscate your wealth.”

What’s your perspective on the increasing regulatory oversight and Saylor’s prediction of a Bitcoin-dominant future for the crypto industry? Please share your views and thoughts on this subject in the comments section below.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Bitcoin-dominant future

What does Michael Saylor foresee for the crypto industry’s future?

Michael Saylor, the founder of MicroStrategy, predicts a Bitcoin-dominant future for the crypto industry. He believes that regulatory pressures will lead to a significant evolution in the sector, making it predominantly focused on Bitcoin with only a few other proof-of-work tokens surviving.

What is Michael Saylor’s view on regulatory clarity in the crypto space?

Saylor believes that regulatory clarity will play a crucial role in driving the progress of the crypto industry. He thinks it will help reduce uncertainty and apprehension among institutional investors, thereby driving Bitcoin adoption.

What has been the public reaction to Michael Saylor’s stance on Bitcoin and regulation?

Saylor’s perspective on a Bitcoin-dominant future and regulatory influence in the crypto industry has received mixed reactions. While some agree, critics argue that relying on state power to protect Bitcoin from free-market competition is not the best way forward.

What could have been the profit outcome if MicroStrategy had invested in Ethereum instead of Bitcoin?

A recent report highlighted that if MicroStrategy had chosen to invest in Ethereum instead of Bitcoin, they would have seen a profit increase of over 50% rather than a decline of 14%.

How many Bitcoins does MicroStrategy hold?

As of the latest reports, MicroStrategy holds a significant hoard of 140,000 bitcoins.

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TokenBeliever June 16, 2023 - 8:09 am

doesn’t Saylor get it?? there’s more to crypto than just BTC, others have value too.

Institutional_Investor June 16, 2023 - 7:12 pm

Regulatory clarity, finally! This might be the push institutional investors need to join the game.

Satoshi_2.0 June 16, 2023 - 10:31 pm

So we’re back to using the state to protect BTC? Huh, sounds like everything Satoshi was against…


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