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The exchange rate between the Russian ruble and the US dollar has recently reached its lowest point in a 16-month period, falling below RUB100 per dollar. Financial analysts point to the introduction of a cap on the price of Russian oil by Western nations as a key factor behind the recent decline in the ruble’s value. Russ Mould, an expert in the field, suggests that the strengthening of the US dollar might have contributed to the Russian currency’s struggles against the dollar over the past few months.

Impact of Oil Price Restrictions

On August 14th, the exchange rate of the Russian ruble against the US dollar dropped to a new low of slightly above 100 rubles per dollar. This latest drop means that the ruble has depreciated by more than 8% in the past month alone and over 20% since the beginning of 2023.

This decline in the ruble’s value stands in stark contrast to its performance in 2022, when it was considered the world’s top-performing currency for a significant portion of the year. Despite predictions that the currency would face difficulties due to Russia’s isolation, the ruble’s performance at that time defied expectations.

Although some experts have attributed the recent decline of the ruble to the price cap imposed on Russian oil by Western nations, the actual effectiveness of this measure remains a topic of debate. Notably, economists like Robin Brooks have persistently advocated for G7 countries to consider reducing the imposed price cap.

China’s Reluctance to Accept Rubles

As reported by the BBC, the ruble’s 16-month low against the US dollar can be linked to the sanctions imposed on Russia by Western nations following the Ukrainian invasion. This report additionally highlights that the decision by countries such as Germany to cease purchasing Russian oil has deprived Moscow of a significant source of revenue. The resulting decrease in export earnings has consequently limited Russia’s ability to support its budget.

Russ Mould, an investment director at AJ Bell, suggested that China’s hesitance to accept rubles could also be contributing to the ruble’s declining value. He explained that reduced exports have led to decreased inflow of hard currency, while increased imports have placed pressure on the ruble. Mould further noted that Russia’s exclusion from the Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunications (SWIFT) might be playing a role in the ruble’s decline, although he also highlighted the appreciation of the US dollar as a potential cause.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Ruble Depreciation

What is the reason behind the recent decline in the Russian ruble’s value against the US dollar?

The recent decline in the value of the Russian ruble against the US dollar is attributed to a combination of factors, including the imposition of a price cap on Russian oil by Western countries and geopolitical tensions arising from the Ukrainian invasion. These factors have contributed to market uncertainties and reduced investor confidence in the ruble.

How much has the ruble depreciated in recent times?

The ruble has experienced a significant depreciation, with its exchange rate against the US dollar dropping to its lowest level in 16 months, falling below RUB100 per dollar. Over the past month, the ruble has depreciated by more than 8%, and since the start of 2023, its decline has exceeded 20%.

Why was the ruble performing well in 2022 despite predictions of difficulties?

In 2022, the ruble defied predictions and emerged as the world’s best-performing currency for a substantial part of the year. This was in contrast to expectations that the currency would struggle due to Russia’s isolated position. The exact reasons for its strong performance during that period may include a variety of economic and geopolitical factors.

How has the price cap on Russian oil impacted the ruble?

Western nations imposed a price cap on Russian oil, aiming to restrict Russia’s gains from rising oil prices. While the effectiveness of this measure is debated, some experts believe it has contributed to the ruble’s recent decline. Economists like Robin Brooks have advocated for the reduction of this price cap to alleviate its impact.

What role have sanctions and geopolitical tensions played in the ruble’s decline?

Sanctions imposed on Russia by Western countries following the Ukrainian invasion have added to the economic pressures on the ruble. The tensions resulting from these geopolitical events have caused market uncertainty, reducing investor confidence and contributing to the ruble’s depreciation.

How has China’s involvement affected the ruble’s decline?

China’s reluctance to accept rubles has further impacted the ruble’s value. Reduced exports and increased imports have led to decreased hard currency inflows, and reliable trading partners like China have shown hesitance in accepting rubles. This has placed additional strain on the ruble’s exchange rate.

What is the significance of Russia’s removal from SWIFT in this context?

The potential removal of Russia from the Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunications (SWIFT) could have played a role in the ruble’s decline. SWIFT plays a critical role in international financial transactions, and if Russia were excluded, it could have implications for its economic stability and currency value.

How has the appreciation of the US dollar contributed to the ruble’s decline?

The strengthening of the US dollar in recent months has put pressure on other currencies, including the ruble. As the US dollar appreciates, it becomes more expensive for other currencies to maintain their value against it. This factor, combined with other economic and geopolitical issues, has likely contributed to the ruble’s decline.

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