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Okx’s Haider Rafique is optimistic that the partnership with MCFC can contribute to the growth of the blockchain industry. On June 30, Okx announced an expansion of its existing collaboration with Manchester City Football Club, the recent Champions League winners. As part of the agreement, Okx, which previously sponsored the club’s training kit, will now become the sleeve sponsor for both the men’s and women’s teams. Haider Rafique, the company’s CMO, expressed his hopes that this deal will increase visibility and generate interest in the broader blockchain sector.

In recent years, various crypto companies have formed similar partnerships with sports brands. Examples include’s collaboration with the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), as well as Binance’s partnerships with football teams like FC Shakhtar, Lazio, and Porto.

What Does Okx Expect to Gain from the Partnership?

Hiader Rafique, the chief marketing officer of Okx, hopes that this partnership will not only boost the company’s workforce but also engage the wider blockchain community. During the launch event on Friday, Rafique stated, “Typically, when you enter into these deals, the goal is to increase exposure and growth. For us, it was a way to unite our employees and create excitement within the team. So, there is both quantitative and qualitative success.”

He further explained, “Two years ago, Okx was recognized as a brand in Asia but not in the Western world. However, with the success that Manchester City has achieved over the years, we have gained global visibility. Therefore, this partnership amplifies not just Okx, but the entire industry.”

Digitizing Manchester City’s Fan Base

According to CEO Ferran Soriano, Manchester City currently boasts approximately 600 million global fans, with only 3-4% of them residing in the United Kingdom. Soriano believes that this partnership will help expand the team’s digital assets, granting more fans access to engage with the football club and its players.

Having secured an unprecedented “treble” by winning the Champions League, Premier League, and FA Cup in the past year, Manchester City has established itself as one of the leading names in the sport. Soriano believes that Okx’s commitment to success aligns perfectly with Manchester City’s ethos.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about blockchain partnership

What is the partnership between Okx and Manchester City FC about?

Okx and Manchester City FC have formed a partnership where Okx becomes the sleeve sponsor for both the men’s and women’s teams. This collaboration aims to enhance visibility for Okx and generate interest in the broader blockchain industry.

What benefits does Okx hope to gain from this partnership?

Okx’s chief marketing officer, Haider Rafique, hopes that the partnership will rally the company’s workforce and the wider blockchain community. By joining forces with Manchester City FC, Okx aims to increase exposure, unite employees, and create excitement within the team.

How does Manchester City FC benefit from this partnership?

Manchester City FC aims to digitize its fan base and expand its digital assets. The partnership with Okx is expected to provide more fans with opportunities to engage with the football club and its players, further growing the team’s global reach.

Are there other examples of blockchain and sports partnerships?

Yes, there have been other notable collaborations between crypto companies and sports brands. Examples include partnering with the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) and Binance forming partnerships with football teams such as FC Shakhtar, Lazio, and Porto.

Will we see more blockchain/sports partnerships in the future?

The increasing trend of blockchain companies partnering with sports brands suggests that more collaborations in this space are likely to occur in the future. The intersection of blockchain technology and the sports industry offers unique opportunities for mutual growth and engagement.

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