Neon Link, an innovative Web3 gaming platform, has unveiled the launch date for its public token sale. The sale is scheduled to begin on July 13, 2023, at 13:00 UTC. Neon Link has established a comprehensive ecosystem centered around community-driven gaming and development experiences.

By introducing its platform, new games, and public sale, Neon Link aims to bring gamers and developers together, enabling true ownership and shaping gaming experiences through the potential offered by blockchain technology.

What is Neon Link?

Neon Link represents a vibrant, community-driven Web3 gaming ecosystem that operates on its own robust network and native NEONLINK token. As a pioneering force in the next generation of web3 gaming, Neon Link pushes the boundaries of online gaming ecosystems, revolutionizing the gaming experience for the benefit of all participants.

Web3 Gaming Ecosystem

The NEONLINK token and the Neon Link network power the Neon Link ecosystem. NEONLINK, specifically designed for gaming, prioritizes governance, staking, and fast transactions. Transparency, player control, and fair profit distribution lie at the core of the ecosystem, with the platform’s advanced tools reflecting these principles.

The Neon Link blockchain network is built for robust infrastructure, scalability, and peak performance. Within weeks, it has already processed 10 million transactions across 120,000 accounts, with the capability to handle 35,000 transactions per second. The Neon Link blockchain network is fully prepared for large-scale utilization.

Moreover, the Neon Link ecosystem offers a variety of features beneficial to gamers and developers. These include a non-custodial wallet, NFT marketplace, decentralized exchange, block explorer, interoperability bridge, and more.

Engagement and Community Funding

Community engagement plays a crucial role in the success of blockchain gaming projects and platforms. Neon Link elevates community involvement by making it an integral part of the ecosystem’s growth, empowering developers and creating a player-centric experience.

Neon Link ensures constant communication with its community, providing regular updates and frequent Medium articles to keep the growing user base informed about upcoming news, company objectives, reward-based competitions, and funding events. The token presale for Neon Link surpassed its target, selling 13.6 million NEON and raising $817,000. This success was followed by two successful EMV funding rounds and a testnet campaign that rewarded $2 million USD worth of NEON Coins to participants who assisted in testing the network.

Ascend the End Launches on August 1

With secure initial funding rounds and a fully operational network, Neon Link anticipates the release of its first three games, including the flagship title Ascend the End, which will launch on August 1st following the public token sale. Ascend the End, a third-person online shooter and blockchain game built on the Neon Link gaming platform, is a strategy-based apocalyptic shooter that challenges players to acquire battle skills, loot, craft, fight, and survive. Competitive gameplay allows players to utilize tradable in-game items such as weapons, shields, and skins to climb leaderboards and earn exclusive crypto rewards.

NEON Token Sale: The Future of Gaming

The NEONLINK public token sale will commence on July 13, 2023, providing an opportunity for individuals not yet involved in the project to become part of the future of Web3 gaming. On August 1, 20% of all participants’ tokens will be distributed to their wallets, followed by a 10-month vesting period during which participants will receive 10% of their remaining tokens each month.

Sale and Allocation Details

The NEONLINK Token public sale has the following token allocation details:

  • Token Allocation: 80,000,000 NEONLINK
  • Maximum Tokens per Participant: 5,000 (with a bonus of 6,000)
  • Maximum Backers: 16,000
  • Maximum Deposit: $500
  • Token Price: $0.10
  • Total Cap: $8,000,000

How to Participate

Neon Link has made the public sale accessible to as many people as possible by supporting over 50 different wallets, including Ledger, Metamask, Coinbase, Trust Wallet, Safemoon, Exodus, MEW, Infinity, Zerion, Ambire, SecuX, Onekey, and Bitkeep. Those interested in whitelisting for the token sale can connect their ETH or BNB Wallet to the Neon Link website.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Web3 gaming revolution

What is Neon Link?

Neon Link is a vibrant Web3 gaming ecosystem driven by its own network and NEONLINK token. It aims to revolutionize gaming experiences with blockchain technology and a community-driven focus.

When is the public token sale for Neon Link?

The public token sale for Neon Link will start on July 13, 2023, at 13:00 UTC.

What does the Neon Link ecosystem offer?

The Neon Link ecosystem offers various features such as a non-custodial wallet, NFT marketplace, decentralized exchange, block explorer, and an interoperability bridge. It aims to provide transparency, player control, and fair profit distribution.

What is the flagship game of Neon Link?

The flagship game of Neon Link is called “Ascend the End.” It is a third-person online shooter and blockchain game that challenges players with strategy-based, apocalyptic gameplay and the opportunity to earn exclusive crypto rewards.

How can I participate in the NEONLINK token sale?

To participate in the NEONLINK token sale, you can connect your ETH or BNB Wallet to the Neon Link website. The sale is accessible through over 50 different wallets, including Ledger, Metamask, Coinbase, Trust Wallet, and more.

What are the token allocation details for the NEONLINK token sale?

The NEONLINK token sale has a total token allocation of 80,000,000 NEONLINK. The maximum tokens per participant are 5,000, with a bonus of 6,000. The maximum number of backers is 16,000, and the maximum deposit is $500. The token price is set at $0.10, with a total cap of $8,000,000.

When will the participants receive their tokens?

On August 1, 20% of all participants’ tokens will be released to their wallets. The remaining tokens will have a 10-month vesting period, with participants receiving 10% of their remaining tokens per month.

How has the Neon Link project been funded?

Neon Link successfully completed a token presale, raising $817,000 by selling 13.6 million NEON tokens. They also conducted two successful EMV funding rounds and a testnet campaign, rewarding participants with $2 million worth of NEON Coin for testing the network.

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CryptoNoob July 8, 2023 - 6:17 am

What’s this Web3 gaming thing? I’m a bit confused. But Neon Link sounds interesting. Maybe I should give it a try and see what the fuss is all about. I hope it’s not too complicated. And those crypto rewards sound enticing. Maybe I’ll finally get a taste of that crypto world everyone’s talking about.

GamerBoy123 July 8, 2023 - 11:53 am

neon link sounds awesome! i cant wait to get in on the token sale and be part of the web3 gaming revolutin it’s gonna be so cool. ascen the end is gonna be the best game ever with all the blockchain stuff. im gonna pwn those leaderboards and get the crypto rewards yesss!

BlockchainFanatic July 8, 2023 - 4:02 pm

Neon Link is taking gaming to the next level with blockchain technology. The NEONLINK token sale is a great opportunity to get involved early on. I’ve been following their progress and it’s impressive how they’ve already processed millions of transactions. This is a project worth keeping an eye on. Exciting times ahead!

TechGeek99 July 8, 2023 - 5:36 pm

Neon Link’s token sale is gonna be lit! I’m already whitelisted and ready to go. Can’t wait to grab some NEONLINK tokens and be part of the community. The team behind Neon Link seems solid, and I’m excited to see what they do with the ecosystem. Gaming + blockchain = mindblowing possibilities!

CryptoEnthusiast42 July 8, 2023 - 8:06 pm

Wow, Neon Link is bringing the gaming world and blockchain together! it’s like a match made in heaven. And they’ve got all these cool features like the NFT marketplace and decentralized exchange. This is the future of gaming, my friends. I’m definitely gonna participate in the token sale and see what Neon Link has to offer.


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